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December 31st 2008
What's On Magnetic's NYE

Magnetic Island is in party mode and tonight is the big one. If you haven't quite made up your mind about how you will spend the evening then read on for the Magnetic Island NYE What's On.

At Picnic Bay there are two party events in the mall with The Rocky Bay Band and DJ Mark live at Moran's Family Restaurant from 8pm till 2pm. Just a dance step or two to the other end of the mall will be the Sara Shaw Band with Ella Candella playing funk, Latin, soul from 8.30pm at the Picnic Bay Hotel.

In Nelly Bay, Sunferries are sponsoring a Townsville City Council fireworks display at midnight. The rockets will fly from the helipad on the harbour breakwall so Nelly Bay beach will be a great place to watch.

Peppers Blue on Blue have a band playing as part of a, $150 per head, buffet and beverage package. Then, expected to be the biggest gig on the Rock, there will be a not-so-full-moon (just coming into the first quarter) Party at Base Backpackers with Hed kandi's legendary Swedish DJ Stonebridge, Jack McCord and Chrissy Mac. Tickets online at $30 or $40 at the door if available. Ph: 180024BASE.

The Arcadia Hotel is running a 70's party so fling on ya flares and take in the toad races starting at 8.15pm followed by the 70s party with a DJ from 9pm till 1.30am.

Bungalow Bay on Horseshoe Bay Roda in Horseshoe bay is presenting the Steve Hanley Band fro 6pm through till midnight and the Marlin Bar Has DJ Simmo from 10pm.

We know there are more than a few private parties too but urge party goers to sort out your transport home before you start. MI Bus Service will be running to meet ferries through the night (click here) but the biggest message is to make sure you are not drinking and driving. This is especially so on New Years Eve as there are people out on the streets at very late hours. They may be under the weather and could easily stumble out onto the road.

With rain a strong possibility for tonight Magnetic Times also urges Islanders to be particularly careful regarding wildlife on the roads. Curlews in particular seem to enjoy standing on wet roads and often with horrible results.

It is also a night to be considerate of pets.

Townsville City Council's Community Safety and Health Committee chair Cr Dale Last said fireworks could be a cause of great distress for the family pet.

"Dogs are particularly afraid of fireworks, but you will also see cats, birds and other pets become more stressed as well," Cr Last said.

"The most common problem over New Year is animals running away or injuring themselves out of fear.

"Responsible owners should take steps to ensure their pets are safe, comfortable and secure during fireworks displays."

*Take your dog for a walk early in the day and feed them a solid meal - a well-fed and exercised dog will be less anxious during the night.

*Encourage calm behaviour by distracting them from the disturbance.

*Remain cheerful and in control to demonstrate that nothing is wrong.

*Ensure all pets are securely tied up or kept inside the house or yard. Block potential exits and provide some toys. Chewable toys are great for relieving stress.

*Make sure your dog is registered and can be identified in the event of an escape. A tag with your phone number can mean a faster return if your dog wanders into a neighbour's yard.

And with that information out of the way Magnetic Times wishes all our readers around Magnetic and the world a very happy new year!

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What's On Magnetic's NYE
December 31st 2008
IceStock at McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica in the 24 hour Sun.

A mild 2C with a light breeze

Party on



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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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