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December 19th 2008
Reynolds calls for Palm Royal Commission

Member for Townsville Mike Reynolds has appealed to Premier Anna Bligh to activate a Royal Commission into the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee on Palm Island in November 2004.

Mr Reynolds said that for four years every aspect of the death in custody had been trialled, appealed, reviewed and publicly scrutinised - except for the initial Police investigation - making the matter so murky that only a Royal Commission would be able to clear the issue up once and for all.

"There is only one legal route available that has sufficient and wide-ranging powers to thoroughly investigate all aspects of this case from the initial arrest of Mulrunji, his death in custody a short time later, the initial Police investigation that followed and all other inquiries that have been made into the incident," Mr Reynolds said.

"A fresh coronial inquest would be inadequate in the extreme because of the limited powers of the Coroner.

"A Royal Commission can investigate and interrogate every aspect of the case and any person involved at any stage.

"The four year legal history of this case has become so convoluted and tainted that I now believe truth and justice can only be obtained by a wide-ranging Royal Commission headed by an eminent jurist," Mr Reynolds said.

The Premier, Anna Bligh, has, however, rejected the call, saying today, "This has been through numerous legal processes - I'm not convinced that a royal commission would identify anything further that hasn't already been the subject of extensive legal consideration."

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Reynolds calls for Palm Royal Commission
Chris C
December 20th 2008
well done Mike - this is corrupt to the core and you seem to be the only one on the inside of the tent prepared to point out the obvious.

Expect a police union funded independent candidate to run against you next time !!
December 29th 2008
So true Chris, feels like we are going back to Joh days!
January 5th 2009
Yes, Chris C, a Police Union candidate but not with the intention of mounting a Royal Commission.
On the other hand, if the conservative party (what's its name again?) had a Royal Commission as part of its policy would you vote for it? No? Then what else would they need to offer? Because one thing is for sure. Anna Bligh will not go a millimetre further than she needs to scrape through. She'll plough Radical Bay, sink the ocean terminal and Ross River wetlands into Cleveland Bay and bury Bowen in alumina waste before Palm Island even flickers on the political radar.

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