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December 8th 2008
90 mm in an hour

Power lines down at Picnic Bay Over 90 milimetres of rain fell on Magnetic Island this morning during an intense electrical storm which cut a major power line in Picnic Bay causing a black-out to 776 houses.

As this reporter experienced, the storm was one of the worst to be out in. As a trip to catch the 6.20am ferry was required and, coming from Bolger Bay, the rain fell with such force it was, with wipers on full speed and headlights on high beam, almost impossible to see more than a few metres. Lightning and thunder crashed all around and water pooled and flowed over low points in the road. We subsequently missed that ferry.

Minor flooding at the Cove in Nelly Bay

later I was turned away from the end of Birt Street in Picnic Bay by an Ergon staffer. An 11,000 volt line had come down across the road in the storm at 6.15am and had cut power to most of the Island. According to Ergon all but nine customers had their power restored by 8.51am and those remaining are expected to be back on the grid by 2pm.

Ned Lees Creek showed its first real flows for the season

According to the Bureau of Meteorology Magnetic Island recorded 94mm in the 24 hour period to 9am this morning and from our observations nearly all between 6am and 7am.

Story & photos: George Hirst

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90 mm in an hour
Gail Hamilton
December 8th 2008
What a cracker of a storm! I guess I was one of those 9 unlucky residences - power was restored to upper Granite St about 3.30pm
December 10th 2008
Once again George, thank you for your coverage,
It certainly was some Storm!!
Gail was saying power was restored to her home at 3.30pm - I guess this is a good reason for us all to ensure we have ALL of our emergency supplies in order,I for one have been a bit slack
in doing so,after this mornings Storm and sudden
change in the weather,it has been a good reminder
to be prepared and not wait until the last minute.
Barbara J Gibbs
December 10th 2008
As horrendous as it sounded on the hill at Picnic Bay, along with the constant shaking of bed and steamy temperature, it was so beautiful to hear the sound of running water in the creeks later at the RSL. Luvit!

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