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December 4th 2008
MISS Graduation Night

MT Literary Award winner Cayla Ruttiman Last night was a big one at the Magnetic International Resort for the Graduating Year 7 from Magnetic Island State School. Magnetic Times was on hand to take some social snaps of the graduates and present our annual, Magnetic Times Literary Award.

Following is a list of the various student awards followed by their sponsors and recipients:

Best All Round Student - MI Sub Branch RSL: Gavin Crouch

Achievement Through Effort - John & Ruth Spalding: Cara Koenen

Citizenship - MICC P & C Assoc: Tai Lewis

Citizenship - MICC P & C Assoc: Annie Plummer

Citizenship - MI Sub Branch RSL: Georgie Chappell

Academic Achievement - MI Sub Branch RSL: Savannah Mortimer

Academic Achievement - MI Sub Branch RSL: Mackenzie Taylor

Academic Encouragement - Magnetic Island Post Office: Mia Hansen

Academic Encouragement - MI Residents & Ratepayers Assoc: Brittany Wetherspoon - Creed

Academic Encouragement - MI Residents & Ratepayers Assoc: Mat Harris

Peer Support - MI Bus Service : Peter Pretzsch-Kalsgaard

Teachers' Award for Resilience: Cat Johnson & Caron Grey: Tayler Waruhia

Literary Award: Magnetic Times: Cayla Ruttiman

Reading: Magnetic Community News: Milo Rankin

Following is a selection of photos from the big night:

All together now

Stylish girls: Tayler, Mia and Savannah

Peter, Robert and Gavin were out
to make the most of the night

A night to remember for Cayla, Georgie, McKenzie and Rei-Anna

Mates: Seamus and Tai

An evening for big smiles: Annie, Cara and Rebecca

Just hanging round were Zac, Jesha and Lachie

Now were Jake and Milo having a good night?

Six years down and a few more to go:
Hukutaro, Thomas, Lachie and Zac

A likely trio: Jayden, Rui and Mat

They keep popping up: Peter, Robert and Gavin.

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MISS Graduation Night
February 3rd 2009
hey thats me
February 3rd 2009
great to see the kids graduating would be good to see more individual photos
March 2nd 2009
It was the best night EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 6th 2009
haha lol i wish i got a photo but no i blame brittany
February 15th 2010
ha! you cant blame me, :P i was filming all night
awesome georgie!!
February 22nd 2010
we look so COOL hahaha remember rui and the cake bath :) missing those days!!!
July 17th 2010
Does that dress make me look F@?????
lollie pops skiddles too................
August 10th 2010
lol no tayz u dont look fat and yeah stupid rui just had to ruin the cake... i love you guys so much and im missing you.. im coming up for september holidays so we can all have a massive party and yeah. britt dont move to england.. although it would give me a good excuse to go there
Virgil smart
October 13th 2010
hahaha hahaha hahaha no pics of me
October 19th 2010
HAHAHAH yous all loook so young and gaaay loooking.
LOL at mia's blonde haair.
ps milo loooks funny.
October 19th 2010
omg is that lisa as in my mum?
March 9th 2011
i love you guys sooo much. :) xxooxx where do i find the whole year level photos?
June 7th 2011
i thought that all the girls that night were so pretty. jokes you were all filthy hahahaha :)
melody :)
November 24th 2011
peter ur mean :( lucky im not in any photots

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