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November 27th 2008
MI Informal Tourism Network minutes

On Monday evening the Magnetic Island Informal Tourism Network Meeting was held at Peppers Blue on Blue Conference Room. Magnetic Times was unable to attend that meeting but following are the minutes from the meeting as supplied by Townsville City Council's Economic Development Unit


Magnetic Island Informal Tourism Network Meeting
Monday 24th November, 2008. 6pm - 7.30pm
Peppers Blue on Blue Conference Room

Nick Doran - Magnetic Informer
Phil Coleman - C:Drive Car Rentals
Sara Shaw - Butterfly House
Gair Bowbyes - Microflight Helicopters
Maria Chippendale - Barrier Reef Dive Cruise & Travel
Dave & Michelle Dawson - Tropical Palms Inn
Crusty Herron - Celebrant
Brett Flemming - Bungalow Bay Resort
Amie McKay - Mantra One Bright Point
Chris Morris - Sunferries
Tanya Thoreau - MICDA
Matt Morris - Townsville Enterprise
Sharon Smith - Adrenalin Jetski Tours
Lindsay Simpson - Providence Sailing
Grant Lewis - Providence Sailing
Rick Braley - Aquasearch Aquarium
Vonnie Van Vemmel - Fine Arts Studio
Peter Van Der Pluym -
George Brachmanski - Baywatch Security
Chris Owen - Peppers Blue on Blue
Col Foley - Bright Point Delux
Michael Lockman - Peppers Blue on Blue
John Austin - Island Palms Resort
Sue Mackay - Baywatch Security
Sheena Austin - Island Palms Resort
Brent Randall - Townsville Enterprise
Lorna Hempstead - Holiday Homes MI
Robert Webster - Pleasure Divers
David Lynch - Townsville City Council
Andrew McEwen - Townsville City Council
Robert Apruzzese - Tropical Topless Cars
Kylie McLaren - Townsville City Counil
Suzanne Blom - Townsville City Council
Tony Parsons - Townsville City Council

6.00pm: Welcome

6.05pm: Outcomes from Previous Meeting - Andrew McEwen

MI Informal Tourism Network minutes
November 28th 2008
Why don't we use the $40k from the Qld govt to build a giant fibreglass crocodile to straddle the entrance to Nelly Bay Harbour. Tully has its frog on gumboot, other places their giant pineapples, crayfish etc, why not a Whitey for Maggie. If the croc was constructed to be rearing on its hind legs, Mr. Bowbyes could take people for joy flights around it or even use its snout as a heliport, and all the extra visitors would make up for the amateur approach MI tourism operators have shown to date. If such basics as signage, brochures and websites are a problem, why on earth did these people not get together months/years ago to arrive at a solution?
December 1st 2008
Interesting that fluffy uses the royal plural "we" in regard to spending the government money. Amateurism by self selection?
If there must be a giant, rearing crocodile, put it under the water with the Anne Bunnell memorial dogproof fence around it as a 24/7 dive training site. Two, three, four birds (duck included), one stone.
Cynthia Angus
March 29th 2009
i dont like this brochure but nice try anyways... love you

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