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November 26th 2008
EPA searches find no crocs

Nothing like this so far A second night of searching by Environmental Protection Agency rangers for a crocodile reported around Magnetic Island has not detected evidence of any crocodiles.

Following a reported sighting of a crocodile at Geoffrey Bay, EPA rangers have carried out extensive searches by air, land and sea since Monday evening.

Local businesses and surf lifesavers are being kept fully informed of the developments.

With no evidence of any crocodiles in the area over the past 36 hours, the EPA is scaling down its search but will continue to maintain a close watch during boating patrols of the waters around Magnetic Island.

North Queensland is crocodile country and people need to be croc wise.

Anyone seeing a crocodile in a populated area should report it to the EPA Hotline 1300 130 372.

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EPA searches find no crocs
November 27th 2008
Maybe the credibility of the person reporting should be investigated before spending vast amounts of public monies and wasting non-renewable resources to search for an alleged croc. In this weather, it could have been a log or large clump of seaweed.
November 27th 2008
It's an interesting proposition Barb but exactly who would you choose to carry out the task of investigating "...the credibility of the person reporting...."? Do you think that should be a police role or perhaps someone from Consumer Affairs or should it perhaps be someone 'independent' of any government, Council or tourist industry position like the Life Savers? Because the longer it takes to accept the authenticity of an important report, the longer it will be before an acceptable and transparent public notification takes place.
Remember, the EPA's 'all-over-the-place' reaction to Whitey's arrival at Magnetic Island resulted in certain businesses using Townsville Enterprise Ltd (TEL) to pressure the Queensland Government about compensation. Somehow, between them, they worked up a figure of $100,000 and as we know from recent reports in MagneticTimes, the government has put forward $40,000 in tourism promotion to help the local industry recover. Is this the way we want to conduct our affairs?
Could we reasonably expect anything less than a full public alert from the EPA given the overblown response of the Townsville community, particularly the Townsville media when Whitey was all the rage?
And what now for the affected Island businesses? Do they want less information or more investigation of their own credibility? There's a rock and a hard place out there. I don't see why any of us should be dragged in between them by hasty, outspoken responses. Can't we establish our own credibility instead of dragging others in to help us pull it apart?

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