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November 18th 2008
Don't forget to vote

This Saturday, November 22, Magnetic Islanders, along with the rest of Townsville's voters, will be off to a polling booth once again to elect one new Townsville City Councillor. But who to vote for? To help, Magnetic Times has invited as many of the candidates as we could contact to use our comments box and give us their pitch. So expect to read what they have to say soon.

The by-election was called following the resignation of Magnetic Island's, former designated Councillor, Rob McCahill.

This year Magnetic Island will have only two polling places. They are the Magnetic Island State School in Nelly Bay and the Magnetic Island Bowls Club at Arcadia and will be open from 8am till 6pm.

If you are unable to attend an ordinary polling place on November 22 you can cast your vote at booths set up at the Townsville City Council Administration Buildings at 103 Walker Street and 86 Thuringowa Drive.

The pre-polling centres will be open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

Eligible electors will need to fill out an application form to declare their reasons for requiring a pre-poll vote.

Voting is compulsory and all enrolled voters across the city will be eligible to cast a ballot due to Townsville's current non-divisional electoral system.

The first past the post electoral system will be used to decide the outcome of the by-election.

For information on the location of all the other polling places across Townsville (click here).

For the record, the candidates are as follows:

2.DUNCAN, Harrison
3.ELSON, Trevor Mark
4.STIRLING, Jenny (Queensland Greens)
5.NEWEY, Peter
6.CHESNEY, Sandra
7.KEUNE, Joanne
8.WILSON, Jack
10.ROBERTS, Trevor
11.LYNAM, Paul
13.ROBERTS, Norm
14.BENSLEY, Brian

As mentioned, Magnetic Times has invited all of the candidates we could contact (13 out of 14) to provide us with 200 words about themselves and their policies with particular emphasis towards Magnetic Island. These will (hopefully) soon be appearing in the comments section below and, of course, that is where you too can comment as a reader on the election and what the candidates may have to say for themselves.

To add your comment,
or read those of others, see below

Don't forget to vote
Jenny Stirling
November 18th 2008
Magnetic Island Policy: I am standing to be your Councilor in the new Townsville City Council. Those who know me also know it would be my pleasure to be involved with your community. I fully recognise that Magnetic Island has its own unique identity and priorities. I also realize that the situation for Magnetic Island has changed somewhat since the last Council election in that the new Council seems to be more ready to listen to what the locals on Magnetic Island want. That is a positive step.

If elected, I look forward to meeting with locals and discussing their vision for Magnetic's future development and conservation of World Heritage values. Those twin elements go hand in hand and with good will, it is possible to do both.

Some ideas for action: Review town planning decision to locate batching plant at Picnic Bay;
Attend to the erosion on the road at Arthur Bay; Seek funding for board walk around the Island from Nelly Bay to Alma Bay; Address issue about free dump tickets being redeemable only for those whose name appears on the tickets; Completion of landscaping on the Breakwater; Work on solutions to luggage handling problems at Nelly Bay.

Jenny Stirling, Greens Candidate
Jack Wilson
November 18th 2008

I am a part time islander , spend a lot of time at my cottage " Lemonade
November 18th 2008
I have to take issue with Jack Wilson about understanding all the Island issues. During 2006-07 the Council (of which Jack was a long, long time member) spent a small motza (maybe $100,000) on a waste management strategy for Magnetic Island. It took account of the capacity and likely remaining life of the landfill site and undertook detailed studies of the recycling of green waste (as garden mulch), the various costs of the various interventions and the likely need to begin transferring household refuse (wheelie bin garbage) to Town in the nearish future. There were at least two public consultations and various updates and at the end of it all the Council decided to introduce "user pays" on the Island just like they have in Town at Vantassel Street.
The Magnetic Island community supported the plan and was ready to get used to it. The new regime came into force on 1 October 2007 - just over a year ago, and most of us are aware that landfill and green waste access is now managed and monitored on a daily basis by a contractor while CityWaste continues to work the coalface. There has been no public announcement by Townsville City Council (new or old) that there is anything amiss with the waste management plan or its implementation although for sure there have been various issues which naturally have arisen and (in the fullness of time) been dealt with.
The need for "free green waste dumping" is not one of the issues that has arisen - although I can see the attraction, just as Mayor Tony Mooney did, of pulling a cheap political stunt when seeking re-election. What is the point of establishing a community supported policy and then ditching it as soon as an election comes along? There's no logic. The user pays policy, and the supervision and inspection that accompanies it, has had a conspicuous impact on on the quality and 'cleanness' of material entering the green waste stream. There's no more crap in it. The garden mulch coming out of the recycling process is now a valuable product which I and many others are quite prepared to pay for. I am quite sure that there is a direct connection between the policing of access/inspection and the outstanding improvement in the quality of the product. Jack Wilson's unilateral decision to campaign for free dumping completely subverts the carefully thought-through waste management strategy which us ratepayers paid a fortune to develop and paid Jack Wilson a fat salary to implement.
Peter Newey
November 18th 2008

My name is Peter Newey and I started with the Townsville City Council some 38 years ago and spent considerable 21 years working on different Council projects on the main land and the Island. I got to know a lot about the people who live on the Island and the specific benefits of working and living on the Island.

I have seen development come and set itself as a part of the island progress toward the 21st centenary. Not always being of benefit though. I believe development needs to sensible and above all a benefit to the community. Council decisions should enhance the community values and be based on what the community believes.

Here are some points I believe need consideration by Council

Sustainable development, balancing community needs, heritage and history with a close eye on the environment; Inter-communications on development between local and state authorities on infrastructure; Maintain life style and community balance; Effective alternative and renewable energy and resources (Going Safely Green); Suburban Safety being street safe with traffic design; Effective and efficient spending (getting better bang for the buck spent).

Help me do something effective for your community and maintain your life balance
Peter Newey, 0414451275

Norm Roberts
November 18th 2008

I have lived in Townsville for 35 years. have owned my own business in the past and have managed others. I am currently the NQ Area manager for a food manufacturer. I love Townsville and am passionate about the future of this city.

I am a member, and President of Thuringowa Brass Band.

I am a "True Independent" with no political ties or business interests.

I believe we need people in local government who have no political agenda or interests other than the job that they are elected to do.

I have no intention of making outrageous promises; I would be 1 of 12 councillors.

The views and concerns of all residents should be a priority. If elected I promise to listen to all views.

I promise that if I believe something is not right, I will vote against it, but I have no intention of voting against things just for the sake of it.
I pledge to put all of my time and energy into doing the job that YOU the people pay councillors to do. I promise to serve my full term if elected and not seek or accept endorsement for any other election

Sandra Chesney
November 18th 2008
I was an independent Councillor of Thuringowa City for 20 years and I have a wealth of knowledge and experienced decision making in Local Government Areas of Infrastructure, Environment, Disaster Management, Health, Planning & Development, Community & Cultural, Information Technology, Tourism and Economic Development.
I was also Acting Mayor during the flood disaster

I am a born and bred Townsvillian, in my youth I spent many weekends on Magnetic Island. My brother lives over Magnetic Island at Nelly bay and is my ears and eyes on the Island.

I am married and have raised four children in Townsville and I am a previous Owner operator of several small businesses.

I will be councillor for ALL the people of Townsville.
My priorities are: -
November 19th 2008

Like 'chasmac' I would take issue with Mr Wilson's enumeration of his 'platform promises' particularly claims to support the island's character given his long membership of a previous administration which has arguably proved singularly responsible for undermining that very character.
One might fairly ask does hubris subsume the reality when another crack at the public payroll beckons?
Ken Turner
November 19th 2008

For 36 years, Townsville has been my passion. I have five children, fifteen grand children,and aware of issues relating to families, high rentals, home purchases, schooling, child care, sporting and entertainment.

Work History; Commenced Burns Philp at thirteen, ships agent at eighteen, self employed from twenty one. Businesses owned , Kiosk, Ferry Service Moreton Bay,Wholesaler marketing fancy goods, Fishing Business; Shops, P.O. newsagent and butcher. Elected State Member for Thuringowa 1998, Councilor Thuringowa City 2004-2008 serving Community full time and will continue to do so.

I guarantee Magnetic Island residents,
experience, ability to listen and represent you at ALL levels.

Future performance is best judged by past performance. I have the runs on the board for all to see. As an independant, I will bring your voice to the Council Chamber ensuring Magnetic Island residents best possible results. Volunteering; As Skipper Ken for Leisure Accessible Inc., providing opportunities for people with dissabilities and the aged. Fishing and cruising aboard\'ROSIE\'. Management; Migrant Resource Center and Cultural Fest. Board Member, North Qld.Competitive Empolyment Service. Founding Member and Patron, Balgal Beach Boating and Leisure Club. Patron Sporting Shooters Association Townsville. Well known Townsville Santa, now play the role for Charities during Festive Season. VOTE Ken Turner, Independant. Ph. 47707276

November 19th 2008
Ken, are you Independant or Independent?
Terry Goldsworthy
November 19th 2008

I am a member of the Australian Labor Party

My main aim is to work with the current councilors and encourage them be be more aware of the community's feelings and problems, without being black and white with them on all issues.

When back in Council,I will strive to achieve;
a.Responsible Rates.
b.Healthy Lifestyle Facilities.
c.Caring for the Community.
d.Voicing local issues and concerns.
e.Keeping the needs of families and minority groups alive.
f.Housing affordability strategies.
g.Awareness of environmental issues.
h.Structured planning for Townsville's future.

I would like to be elected again, because I care about the community and I want the people's voices to be heard and I have the experience with the previous Mooney council to listen. I am also aware of environmental issues including the impact of poor development planning and its effect on the new and growing residential areas throughout Townsville.

Terry Goldsworthy, Mobile 0428100069
Candidate for the Townsville City Council Bi-election 2008
Ken Turner
November 20th 2008
Anne,OOPS should be independent. Thanks, have a good day.
Paul Lynam
November 20th 2008

I was born, raised and educated in Townsville I have lived in most of Australia's state capitals.
I have worked in the automotive industry, mining, R.A.A.F and Army Reserve, dairy, development/town planning and hospitality. I hold a Bachelor of Science from JCU.

I have always been keen on observing how things are done. Be it a mining process or how new housing developments are laid out and utilise wastewater. On many overseas trips I looked for something new - to see if it could work here.

This why I believe I would make a significant difference if elected. I challenge the status quo and see if there are better, cheaper and freindler ways.

My policies are back to basics: If you don't get the fundatmentals right how can Council operate with good corporate governance; Transparency of decision making and in the best interests of the ratepayers and residents of Townsville; I understand the unique nature of Magnetic Island and the problem we have having an island suburb which is 90% national park; There is a ecological tight rope that has to be crossed to ensure that decisions made relating to further development on the island to not adversely affect the fragile nature of the environment. Paul Lynam - TCC candidate

November 21st 2008
Having read through the more recently submitted by-election platforms of putative councillors that of Mr Lynam seemingly best sums the poverty of outlook brought to our attention.

Poverty in the sense of clearly not addressing issues in a 21C context.
No, to Mr Lynam and your fellow 'wanna be other councillors', the problem is not one of an island being largely national park coexisting with a 'suburb'.
It is your 18C, Victorian era informed, local government thesis which clearly is predicated on the 'expand the rateable base' ethos.
More clearly perhaps is that this alone demonstrates that you and your fellow 'balloteers' have absolutely no understanding of the real issues or the decisions required of local government to arrest and protect our environmental remains.
Despite both the intuitive and professional knowledge base available to you all.
"....ecological tight-rope...."? - spare us please the bleating of appeasers and acknowledge that the 'rateable base' and the development lobby may actually need to be subservient to the environment.

November 21st 2008
I welcome Paul Lynam's challenge to the status quo although I don't personally have a problem with part of Magnetic Island being national park. For your information Paul, the Magnetic Island National Park, which was established in 1956 and extended since then, covers about 55% of the area of the Island. Another 20+% is Unallocated State Land (USL - used to be known as Vacant Crown Land) plus some Council land (roads, reserves, easements, sports fields, depots etc.) and the remainder is freehold land in parcels from about 200 sq.m up to about 32 ha (80 acres). The entire area is World Heritage listed.
I'm still getting my head around the "ecological tight rope that needs to be crossed....". Maybe that's a Mainland thing about going to Magnetic Island? Most people here go by boat.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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