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November 17th 2008
Tel update on croc compo

With claims that the recent extended visit to Magnetic Island, by the crocodile we knew as Whighty Houdini, cost local businesses approximately $100,000.00, Townsville Enetrprise CEO Glenys Schuntner, has written to update locals on TEL's efforts to gaincompensation on their behalf.

The following is an update on our actions in regard to seeking State Government support for a recovery program for tourism to the island. As we have received no response to our formal letters 2 weeks ago, I followed up by travelling to Brisbane on Friday 14 November morning to meet with advisors to Minister McNamara and Minister Boyle.

I was advised there are discussions taking place but that nothing was finalised in regard to compensation or a recovery campaign.

Due to the feedback we have obtained from both members and non-members, we believe that approx $100,000 of business has been lost in terms of cancelled bookings or new bookings not coming through because of the introduction of the crocodile into our waters.

I have written a further follow up letter to the Ministers today to seek the following:

1) advice to confirm there are no other crocodiles on the Crocs in Space program in our region or nearby
2) a $100,000 financial contribution by the office of Minister McNamara to fund a recovery campaign - this funding must be additional to any planned and already budgeted marketing activity by Tourism QLD for the NQ region
3) direct communications by Minister McNamara's office through his local Member of Parliament to discuss financial compensation for the companies hardest hit.

Glenys Schuntner
Chief Executive Officer
Townsville Enterprise Limited

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Tel update on croc compo
jenny stirling
November 17th 2008
I am pleased to see that TEL is advocating on behalf of local tourist operators on Maggie who lost business because of the croc. Hopefully Mike Reynolds will use see to it that his constituents get a fair hearing from this government.

November 17th 2008
This is bordering on the absurd.
Or is it a precedent for creating a new addition to the endangered or protected species list inter alia "tourist operator magneticus"?
November 18th 2008
What an absolute crock. What is this "feedback"? Tabulate it (no names, no packdrill), put it in the public arena together with your calculus, and let's see what you are really saying.
george Villaflor
December 3rd 2008
from a legal perspective, its called a lost cause of attempts to blame the croc on loss of business. What happens if a school of sharks decided to rest awhile in the beautiful popular bays? Who would this novel way to extort extra funds be directed to then? Thats right. Its coming to an election year & politicians are renowned for tossing public funds around that do not belong to them in this time. Good luck for trying to get more publicity for Maggie but get real. All its doing is giving the croc a bad name.

george villaflor (Canberra)

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