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November 16th 2008
Two Island police injured in night disturbance

Two Magnetic Island police officers were transported to Townsville Hospital following an incident which left one officer, thought to be Senior Sergeant Kerry Kraut, with a possible fractured cheekbone and facial injuries, and the other officer, yet to be identified, with a broken arm.

Police sources have yet to identify the officers involved but it is believed that Senior Sergeant Kraut was involved.

The Sergeant heard a disturbance near his residence at Picnic Bay around 2.30am and located a group of approximately 10-12 people.

As the officer attempted to disperse the group he was allegedly assaulted and received a possible fractured cheekbone and facial bruising.

Other police on the island and from the mainland attended, coming to the Island on the Water Police vessel, and located and arrested three people in relation to the alleged assault.

During one of the arrests, at a backpacker hostel, a constable received a broken forearm.

Three people are currently assisting police and investigations are continuing.

Story: George Hirst

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Two Island police injured in night disturbance
thomas hoyt drake
November 17th 2008
Oneroa, Auckland, NZ

- i feel apalled, that our usually peaceful isle has attracted such hoons, and that our dedicated protectors, the Police, have suffered in this way.
HAPPY HEALING, Kerry, et al. !! - hoyt
T. Hoyt Drake, Nelly Bay
Vicki Laeuffer
November 17th 2008
I have just returned from a glorious week on magnetic island and am disgusted to hear of tourists showing no respect to the very welcoming locals.
Jenny Lyneham
November 28th 2008
On hearing of this incident I felt (and continue) to feel absolutely appalled and disgusted at the lack of respect shown for the law our MI Police whose job it is to protect all of us here on the Island. When is enough enough? Surely as a community we need to stand up and be counted on issues such as these? Get well soon, you no doubt get the knocks but not enough thanks for what you do in your job.

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