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November 13th 2008
Call to follow Tom Aikens

Bill of Rights and Greens' activist Pat Coleman calls on labor Member for Townsville, Mike Reynolds, to take a leaf out of, former independent and maverick Townsville politician, Tom Aiken's, book.

If media reports are to be believed, Mike Reynolds has described the Qld government as culturally incompetent.

Mike, got news for you mate, its not that they are incompetent, the labor party has lost the last vestiges of any idealism it had and has replaced it with a doctrine of "do what you can get away with".

In short the Qld labor party, and it will become obvious the federal mob as well, places power above principle .

When a labor government sides with dodgy coppers and also sides with dodgy developers , you know that labor has become everything it once despised.

I reckon that if Mike and mates were smart they would take a leaf out of Tom Aikens book and go it alone to send a message to labor as a whole.

Pat Coleman

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Call to follow Tom Aikens
November 13th 2008
The member for Townsville South, who was the longest serving member of the Queensland Parliament, knew how to go for the jugular. He once suggested the then-Premier was so narrow minded he could look through a keyhole with both eyes at once.
Pat Coleman
November 16th 2008
And , I might add , that a royal commission into the Hurley investigation alone wont cut it mike .

It has to be widened to include the effectiveness of the CMC , ESC and complaints mechanisms since Fitzgerald and policing in Qld per se, not just Aboriginal communities (with all respect to the aboriginal community).

There is a pattern

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