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November 13th 2008
EPA: Croc movement allegations false

In a letter to Magnetic Times, Mr Terry Wall, Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), refutes recent claims (not made by Magnetic Times) that crocodile movements by the EPA had led to the deaths of two men.

Letter: False allegations that movement of crocodiles caused deaths

A number of allegations have been made about the crocodile management practices of the EPA. In particular, allegations have been made concerning the tragic death of Barry Jefferies, who was known to residents of Townsville. Such allegations may cause distress to those who knew him.

I believe there is a need to address some of the misinformation on this matter currently circulating in the media. The crocodile that killed Barry Jefferies was not from another area.

Two years previously during the wet season, the crocodile moved the short distance to nearby Kalpowar Station, and got trapped at the end of the wet.

At the request of the traditional owners, the crocodile was trapped and subsequently returned by the EPA to its original home, a bend in a river a short distance from Kalpowar Station. The crocodile was in its original and long-term home when it killed Mr Jefferies.

The crocodile that killed Arthur Booker this year had never been previously caught or trapped by the EPA.

Both deaths occurred in areas that are well known croc habitat and which have very significant crocodile populations.

It is a long standing policy that any crocodile that kills a human being is caught and never released. Sometimes it is killed during the capture, and sometimes it is put in a crocodile farm or a zoo. The EPA tries to take into account the wishes of relatives when making such a decision.

Terry Wall
Environmental Protection Agency

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EPA: Croc movement allegations false
November 14th 2008
How to give whistleblowers a bad name. Work yourself up into a lather of juvenile pique, write a trashy essay to the 'Borg and the Katterlyst and chuck it into the parliament. Talk about a hospital pass.
The information was either wrong, mixed up, worthless, malignant, deceitful or little more than piffle dressed up as waffle. The pot calls the kettle black in the interests of transparency. Typical trial-by-media with no evidence whatsoever.
And the tabloids go crazy over it. It's called, "Serving the North."

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