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November 4th 2008
Two injured after moke runs off hill

The crashed moke Two Irish male tourists endured a long wait for help, likely to have been several hours, before being discovered and rescued early this morning after their moke ran off the road coming down Horseshoe Bay Hill towards Arcadia.

Senior Sargent Kerry Kraut from Magnetic Island Police told Magnetic Times he estimated that the accident occurred between 2.30am and 3am this morning but that the men were located between 5am and 5.15am.

The moke had left the road on a right hand bend and had come to rest about 5 metres below the road.

Sargent Kraut said, "It would not have been visible from the road at night."

Sargent Kraut observed that alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the accident.

The view from the road with
the moke in the lower left corner

The men were evacuated by helicopter this morning to Townsville Hospital after being stabilised at the Magnetic Island Health Service Centre (Clinic).

Magnetic Times has so far been unable to determine the state of the mens' condition although Sargent Kraut expected that they were probably not life threatening.

The tipped over water truck

In another road incident this morning a near new water truck rolled over onto its side beside the West Point road near Ned Lees Creek. The driver was, according to workers at the scene from the new water pipeline project, unharmed. The vehicle was later set upright with the aid of a large excavator.

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Two injured after moke runs off hill
Chris C
November 4th 2008
Piston broke would be my bet
November 4th 2008
Hi George,
You run a great site for on the spot news. Keep up the good work.
November 5th 2008
It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
Having a speed limit of 60kpm on this road, and then renting out cars which are really pushing themselves at this speed is a recipe for disaster.
50kph would be much more sensible along the hill roads between bays. It might also help reduce the daily carnage of wildlife on these roads(People may think being a wildlife carer is all about looking after sweet, cuddly little animals. Alas, it is far more often a case of collecting hideously injured animals from the side of the road as gently as we can, and taking them to the vet to be euthanased).
November 5th 2008
I am surprised there have not been more accidents the way irresponsible persons speed around the hills and local streets...including big vehicles. What is the rush? Exercising caution and a little patience didn't hurt anyone...but rushing and carelessness has!
Paddy O'Malley
November 5th 2008
So Sargent Kraut thinks that alcohol may have been a factor. How would he know? Is he kidding? Those lads are Irish. Its 3am. It would be an insult to all Irish travellers if they were sober. A National disgrace in fact and a breach of the Irish Backpacker Code of Conduct
November 10th 2008

I feel compelled to respond to the letters received in light of the moke incident reported in your column. May I first say that most traffic incidents are exactly that, an incident that is the result of a single or multiple contributing factors. The fatal four, (speed, alcohol, seatbelts and fatigue) are major contributors to the death and injury statistics of road crashes within this state. The reduction of the speed limit alone will not stop traffic crashes although it may certainly reduce the seriousness of such crashes and should be explored along with all other crash reduction proposals. Most locals and tourists alike have traversed this wonderful island to many times to count without having crashed a motor vehicle. How you may ask? Simple, the driver has paid attention to the job at hand and has driven to the prevailing road conditions. All drivers are required to drive to the prevailing conditions be it a windy or poorly constructed road, bad weather or traffic flow. Alcohol is known to diminish the ability of a driver to react so any amount consumed by a driver can be seen as a contributing cause to a traffic crash whether the driver is over the legal limit or not.

The views expressed by 'Paddy O'MALLEY' about a drink driving drunken Irish backpacker code are disappointing. The tears shed by the loved ones of those involved in this moke incident certainly did not support the views of Mr. O
March 13th 2009
i think maybe the moke rental company should be investigated. there have been a few too many accidents involving mokes on the island.

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