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October 30th 2008
Reynolds cool on croc compo

Arcadia Newsagent Rob Koenen Following the Member for Townsville, Mike Reynolds, saying today he was, "absolutely flabbergasted" the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had relocated a very large crocodile from Injinoo near Bamaga in Far North Queensland to the Townsville region, and in the light of reports by water-sport related business owners on the Island suffering as a result, Magnetic Times asked Mr Reynolds if he would support those businesses with a compensation claim against the government.

The croc's appearance, although in a traditionally quiet time tourist-wise had, according to Rob Keonen from the Arcadia News Agency next to the Island's most popular swimming beach, Alma Bay, "... a huge impact. There's no people-flow. Look at the car park - just nothing! It feels like the quietest business week since we've been here."

The Townsville Bulletin reported Mr Dave Swinburn, manager of Pleasure Divers on Magnetic Island, who claimed that every day the croc was not caught brought him a step closer to unemployment.

"The dive shop has lost about $6000 in the two weeks that swimming areas and dive sites have been off limits," according to the report.

The croc, which we have dubbed, Wighty Houdini, after the first man to report his presence on Magnetic, Paul Wightman, and Harry Houdini, after the croc's surprising escape from a creek mouth netted by the EPA last week, has now been swimming in Island waters for near to one month.

But when Magnetic Times sought Mr Reynold's support for Island businesses affected by the important but unfortunate experiment designed to provide insight into the homing instincts of crocodiles, he would only say, "I am aware of some Magnetic Island business owners who have had a reduced income. If a business owner wishes to proceed with a claim it will be their responsibility to make such a claim to the Queensland Government."

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Reynolds cool on croc compo
no name
October 30th 2008
People, its heading into BLOODY jellyfish season anyways. Why would you want to go swimming?
And for that matter, if I was that desperate to go for a swim I would use a great invention called THE SWIMMING POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use your brains you noggins.
The public that seem to think they know EVERYTHING about this croc situation, how about you just sit down and shut up for once. If your such experts on this whole croc situation why don't you deal with crocs? Oh thats right, probably because YOUR NOT EXPERTS! You don't work for the agency so stop pretending you know everything about this.

This croc won't harm anyone unless they are stupid enough to ignore information about it being in the area. And for the tourist operators, stop being so bloody money hungry. What do you think NT survives on, if your that concerned?

Im ashamed to say I come from such an ignorant town.
Peter F Hughes
October 30th 2008
Biodiversity, isn't it a beautiful word.
'From little things, big things grow.' This croc seems to be going about his business, getting ready to find a mate before the wet season starts.
What a tourist attraction for the area.
And you know, there is always the chance this croc might eat someone who wears those white shoes the developers so proudly wear.
And maybe, just maybe, this crocodile and his habitat will one day be protected by the law. In the meantime, justice for this crocodile is being seen to be done. After all, crocodiles inhabited these waters with indigenous peoples for thousands of years before 'whitey' (white people or Migloos as they are called) invaded this country.
Peter F. Hughes
Newtown, Geelong.
Rusty, ex Townville
October 30th 2008
'No Name' should pull his or her head in. Obviously a Townie who doesn't go near water very often. If you want the region to make money from having tourists, don't allow the government to import hazards from 1000 ks away to close your beaches. The area is marketed on the strength of beautiful beaches such as Alma Bay, not swimming pools, in case you haven't noticed. Why would I pay air fares and accom to come and swim in a pool!!!
no name
October 31st 2008
My head is pulled in rusty. Why would you pay for air fares to come swim with killer Jellyfish as well then?
I do go near water, in fact I SCUBA, and have a marine bio/zoology. So I do have a fair idea what I am ' babbling' on about.
And the area is marketed because it's possibly the next Cairns, which I personllay think is sick, cause soon we won't have lovely beaches if we turn this into another tourist hole.
David J
October 31st 2008
What an excellent use of tax payer research funds by the EPA, not to mention any future litigation possiblites or if someone should get injured. As far as research projects go, its a wonder they haven't thought of introducing a large poisonous South American cane toad to see if it establishes itself in the area and thereby controls the crocodile problem, hence nature in balance again? Cheers to all. David J
October 31st 2008
Will what a lot of interesting comments all ready.
And now the crock is off to a new home and the aftermath for the businesses that survive on the income form people using the beautiful waters that have not been able to be used for about a month now. I have never seen a jellyfish attack a human standing on the waters edge.
Come on State and Federal Governments do the right thing, don't forget if tourist aren't spending there money you won't get your 10% GST.

November 5th 2008
I agree with you Rusty.
It's not about tourism operators being 'money-hungry'.
"No name" - these are small, local, island businesses that we are talking about here - they are losing their livelihood because of a government stuff-up. Some of these are the same people that have been so saddened and sickened by the crocodile's death, even though the whole situation has potentially cost them everything.

You say that you are qualified in marine bio/zoology and you scuba dive. Ok fair enough, but have you spent much time in THESE waters?? Your comments suggest that you haven't. I have spent many years diving and working in these waters (yes, in stinger season too - we don't shut our doors from November to May!) The beaches being closed due to the crocodile is a completely different situation!

And Magnetic Island is NOT the NT, so the comparison as to what the NT 'survives' on is a little ineffectual.....

I could go on, but I won't. My heart goes out to all of you that have been affected by this sad situation.


Researchers 4 us!
November 9th 2008

Some interesting comments- let the vitriol flow! It's interesting this thought of compensation....what happened last summer when The Strand beaches were closed? I don't remember any calls for compensation or is this different 'cos the EPA was involved? That poor croc put Magnetic Island in full view of the national & international press and television......exposure that local businesses couldn't pay for so how about that for compensation! So the relocation didn't work, without the research we learn nothing. Was Wighty moving around 'cos he was sick and starving? Another question for the researchers & I'm sure there are more. Yes, I am embarrassed by this culture of compensation/litigation- shit happens!

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