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October 25th 2008
Croc on the loose again

EPA staff at the creek before removing the nets This morning Magnetic Times reported that Magnetic Island's much sought after 3.5 metre esturine crocodile was under watch in a creek behind a series of nets. We must now report that the croc is believed to have escaped and Magnetic Island residents should be aware that the croc could again be a potential menace.

At this stage we have little information but from a very recent inspection we have seen that EPA staff have re-opened the creek mouth by removing the nets but have left a trap remaining on the bank of the small estuary which the croc has returned to on a number of occasions.

EPA Magnetic Island Ranger, Nathan Winn, who we found removing the net this evening, could confirm very little at the time but agreed that the croc, which has a satellite transmitter attached to its back, had been detected outside the creek and that he had been instructed to open up the creek in the hope that the croc would return.

The croc is now presumed to be somewhere in the area between Bolger Bay and Cockle Bay on Magnetic's west coast.

At the moment it seems the most likely explanation is that the croc made its way across land at night to return to Cleveland Bay. Magnetic Times cannot confirm if tracks have been seen. Given the large open terrain between the creek, mangroves and dunes towards the bay it is clear that to detect the croc's movement at night would have been very difficult.

Magnetic Times has not been able to contact Team Leader Scott Sullivan, who we understand is presently on sick leave.

In the interests of public safety we therefore urge Islanders and visitors to be aware and warned that the croc is again on the loose and may again visit the Island's swimming beaches.

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Croc on the loose again
Grateful local
October 25th 2008
id just like to say thankyou for keeping us updated on this matter. i work at a busy resort on the island and am asked many times daily about the "croc report", but the two times i have called the EPA headquarters on the mainland, they have told me to call the lifesavers (with an undertone of "im too busy to answer your questions"). its very hard to keep our guests safe and informed when we keep getting the run-around! So well done for keeping us up to date and safe on our beautiful island, and to the EPA boys, keep up the good work and a big THANKYOU for your long hours tracking our new tourist attraction! :)
October 27th 2008
In all seriousness, if they really want to catch the croc, why not call in the experts of Bindi and co.?? Those people are more qualified than others, and for the amount of lost revenue by local businesses, you could have paid for them thrice over. Makes sense to me. I also got the runaround from EPA on Mainland when enquiring about a hydrocarbon issue...being told to deal with the very people who had failed to keep the problem in check. Not really good enough.
October 27th 2008
Being away from the Island at the moment (and missing it like mad) I'm following this story very closely and check for updates at least daily. Keep up the great work George, a fantastic service you are doing and great reporting too. I sincerely hope I'll be able to get back in the water spearing when I return at Chrissie. Thanks again.
October 27th 2008
Oh, and thanks too for all the work that our dilligent rangers are doing. Good on ya Brian, Michael, Nathan and Jo
Calvin Mervyn Dodd
October 27th 2008
We need Bindi here to show the EPA how to catch a king sized killer croc by-crikey!.
October 28th 2008
You can't catch me ...... I'm as slick as a croc can be.

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