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October 22nd 2008
Croc around the Rock: update

Alma closed Alma Bay was, among other bays stretching around to West Point, closed today after the Croc around the Rock was sighted this morning at Alma.

Magnetic Island is awash with croc chat. Everybody has a story and sightings have been more than numerous.

Today Magnetic Times has heard the following but accepts that these reports are for the present hearsay and not definitely confirmed.

1. The croc was seen sunning itself on a rock at Alma Bay and that Island icon Vern Jack quickly finished his morning swim in the bay upon hearing the news. (Our photo shows Alma with the sign which reads, "Beach closed - croc sighted")

2. The croc was seen today at Bremmer Point between Alma and Geoffrey Bay

3. The croc was seen today at Hawkins Point between Rocky and Picnic Bay

4. The croc was photographed recently under the bridge which joins the Nelly Bay Harbour breakwater and the Esplanade.

There were also two reports from reliable Nelly Bay residents living along the Esplanade that the croc was seen swimming yesterday afternoon, close to the shore and heading for base backpackers.

This afternoon the EPA provided another update on our impressive visitor.

The EPA report is as follows:

A member of the public reported seeing a crocodile at Alma Bay this morning.

EPA staff went to Alma Bay to net or harpoon the crocodile.

However, there were no further sightings of the crocodile today. The EPA is continuing to monitor the area.

The small trap remains set at Retreat Creek, and EPA staff also set up a larger, floating trap in Bolger Bay today.

The croc is having a huge effect on Magnetic Island and we are soon to publish a story on the wider impacts but, in the meantime, we welcome any reports Islanders can provide to us on the croc and its movements. Photos of the croc would also be greatly appreciated.

George Hirst Ed.

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Croc around the Rock: update
Crocodile Dundee
October 23rd 2008
Crikey ..... the croc's been called Whitey!
October 23rd 2008
Bullshit! Whitey doesn't wear just anyone's antenna.
Ann Begg
October 23rd 2008
When will the animal be removed to a reptile park or crocodile farm?
Bruce Williams
October 23rd 2008
Can everyone now see the wisdom in MIRRA's plan for an above-high-water "Swim Through Aquarium"? When Ian Turner and I spent several weeks researching and presenting the need for this brilliant concept of Rick Braley's, it was dismissed by the previous Townsville City Council as "another Rockpool" and a "pipe-dream". Our proposal was made with input from locals who remembered crocodiles caught in Magnetic Island fish traps, and who knew the lack of crocs in these waters was only a temporary state. This necessary facility will not cost millions. I urge everyone to support the proposal!
October 23rd 2008
Surely there's an entrepenerial local publican / cafe owner out there who could turn all this negative publicity for the rock to the positive. Things have never bin the same at Picnic since Rinny shot through!
Crocodile Dundee
October 28th 2008
Whitey is very seletive about whose antennae he wears.

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