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October 16th 2008
Croc around the Rock - update

A close up of the croc The latest news is that EPA Officers have detected our toothy visitor at West Point and hope to capture the crocodile, which has been touring Magnetic Island beaches this week, this evening. But to avoid spooking the critter the officials are asking people to keep away from West Point for now

Our report from the EPA this afternoon reads:

Satellite data downloaded today showed the croc with a transmitter attached had moved back up the west coast of Magnetic Island.

This afternoon, EPA staff in a boat used radio tracking to confirm that the croc was near West Point on the western side of Magnetic Island. The officers also saw a fresh slide mark.

They alerted residents and visitors at West Point to the presence of the animal.

To avoid spooking the animal, especially while the rangers are trying to catch it, we'd appreciate people staying away.

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Croc around the Rock - update
October 17th 2008
Nice connection Bruce and an excellent concept to try to develop. I'm still trying to fathom the location of the conceptual 'swim-through' aquarium. It was once beside the ferry channel in behind the outer (Bright Point) breakwater. Then it moved to the Lions Park beach somehow nestled in behind the marina moorings. The latest location (mentioned in the recent MagTimes story about tourism business operators on tour) " the corner of the Nelly Bay beach which adjoins the start of the breakwater...", sounds like that space next to the Constitution Bridge. Are we talking inside or outside the harbour? Either way, before anything can happen there the whole beach erosion question needs to be resolved. If you can get Queensland Transport, the EPA, GBRMPA and the City Council to sit at the same table and discuss a permanent solution to the beach erosion question I think you'll be served a 'swim-through' aquarium on a platter. More power to you.

Chris C
October 17th 2008
Your intro has to be the most balanced piece of croc reporting EVER ! although I'm sure Bob & Barnaby would have prefered something that called for immediate military intervention!!
Chris C
October 17th 2008
actually they would have slagged off at the EPA and then called for - no demanded! - military intervention
Bruce Williams
October 17th 2008
This croc is probably the latest of the species to tour our waters. Coupled with stingers and sharks, these creatures make MIRRA's planned "swim-through aquarium" (which will be free of all such scary threats to bathers) a logical, even essential next step for Magnetic Island.
Pamela Chambers
October 19th 2008
Bruce."swim through Acquarium" could be a world wide acknowledge for Magnetic Island... what a thought... by the way they say when they are going to catch our croc he will be placed in a crocodile farm... what is does this mean? Is he going to a safe haven or eventually turn into handbags and shoes? I hope not the latter, as crocs are the most fantastic intereresting creatures. Bet this one is the granddaddy of them all and very to hear more comments about this on your website. thanks.Pamela, an island resident.

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