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October 15th 2008
EPA to remove Magnetic's croc

Crocodile watchers at Geoffrey Bay The 3.5 metre esturine crocodile which has been the focus of Islander's attention for several days showed up this afternoon at Geoffrey Bay where it proceeded to swim up and down the length of the Bay and, in doing so, attracted a very interested audience on the beach.

The EPA were alerted at about midday and have been monitoring the croc, which was visible throughout the afternoon as it lazily swam along the surface of the bay about 100 metres from shore.

The 3.5 metre estuarine crocodile has been tracked through the region's waters by the EPA since August but will now be removed - probably tomorrow.

EPA Ranger Chris Pacey said a member of the public had reported seeing the crocodile this afternoon, and surf lifesavers erected warning signs at Geoffrey Bay and nearby Alma Bay.

"We are now targeting this crocodile for removal and it will be sent to a crocodile farm.

"Harpooning will be used, as a trap would not be suitable in this location. It will still be a difficult task while conditions are windy.

"Harpooning is done with a non-lethal barb which does not harm the animal," he said.

The EPA put a satellite transmitter on this male crocodile on 21 August 2008 at Barramundi Creek south of Townsville.

Glued on the croc's neck is a small transmitter, covered in synthetic waterproof material, with two aerials sticking up.

It transmits the croc's locations to a satellite on one day in every five. Data will be downloaded again tomorrow. More details are available on the EPA website.

The crocodile was tracked moving up and down the western side of the island, and towards the mainland. It was seen last week at Cockle Bay, on the western side of the island.

The EPA are asking that members of the public report crocodile sightings to your local EPA office. For locals who may not be aware, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) operates the Rangers' Office at Picnic Bay. The organisation which operated the office was, until recently, known as the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS)

The phone number of the EPA's Picnic Bay office is 47785378.

For further information on crocodiles and how to be croc wise in croc country visit

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EPA to remove Magnetic's croc
October 16th 2008
Much as i don't like to see crocodiles tampered with, I am fairly relieved I don't have to worry about it snacking on one of my kids, and that all the nippers can stay in the water this weekend.
October 16th 2008
I just want to commend the local police officer for going around and warning residents in the geoffrey bay area last night of the probability of the Croc coming to shore at night fall, and the EPA's intention to remove the animal! as a new resident i was very relieved to know the warning systems are in place and as a "southerner" I appreciate it. Thanks officer Parkinson!
Patrick Collins
October 22nd 2008
what a mess! with Epa and Qld parks try to catch the croc it will be still with us at christmas 2009, which should well wnd trully destroy the tourist trade, which we as a small community we rely on for the extra services on the island. Croc's have their place and it should not be in the Island waters.
October 23rd 2008
Interestingly, this is a Cleveland Bay crocodile which must have been living in the area for many years, perhaps decades. I'm not sure where Mr Collins thinks "Island waters" start and stop but it looks as though Cape Cleveland and Palm Island might be reasonable markers for a start.
No doubt the attachment of an antenna and massive publicity has made this croc more visible and conspicuous but presumably there are crocs in our waters all the time. But since there are thousands more sharks and no one has been sniffed at by either shark or croc for at least sixty years in this area, perhaps we should calm down, read less tabloid headlines and use some common sense.

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