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September 18th 2008
MINCA appointed trustees of Bolger block

MINCA members visit the Park Magnetic Island Nature Care (MINCA) passed a very important landmark recently when it was notified by the Environment Protection Agency that it had been appointed as trustees for the Bolger Bay Conservation Park.

The Park is a 40 acre block on Magnetic's west coast and was purchased in 2002 after a combination of monies were donated from the Commonwealth and Queensland governments alongside a number of private donations raised by MINCA.

A view of the Bolger Bay Conservation Park

The land itself forms a natural corridor linking the Unallocated State Land and National Park on the hilly uplands of the Island right through to the water's edge. Bolger Bay contains the largest areas of lowland native vegetation remaining on Magnetic Island and the block is home to the rare and vulnerable, single-striped delma and the rusty monitor which is also listed as rare.

Since then the process towards a trusteeship has been developed and the wheels of government have finally delivered when government approved

MINCA appointed trustees of Bolger block
September 18th 2008
Congratulations to MINCA, Charlie, Jenny, Gethin, Katharina and all others involved! A really great outcome for the Island and Townsville.
September 19th 2008
Wonderful, well done Charlie and all concerned,
you ought to be congratulated,for tirelessly giving your time,for the preservation of our
Beautiful Island Paradise.
george Villaflor
September 19th 2008

Congratulations & be watchful to hold the government to its promise that these important habitat areas must be given full protection. I look forward to reading how MINCA & the local Aboriginal groups unite to care for this area.

The only trouble with holding trustee by mere regulation & voluntary agreements is that what government enacts today it can change at will.

Even national parks offer temporary protection as the government can change these whenever the circumstances suit government; maintain the need for better legislative protection.

By "law" native title rights & interests have all been extinguished because freehold is the highest tenure that the Crown can give so native title, unlike pastoral leases, cannot by "law" coexist. The dispossession of local Aboriginal groups on the island & their prior ownership & ancient connection with the block, by "law" is considered complete & extinct. Dispossesssion with this Aboriginal land has not disposessed their continuing relationship all over the island; nothing has changed with their relationship with the land & waters. Bear this act of dispossession in mind when your trusteeship is exercised every time you enter the block. Not for any guilt or negative reasons, but to understand how to care for any land needs an understanding of its history. The block is not an empty page. Members of MINCA know this & that is why I am thrilled to see their role with this block.

Caring for country is not exclusive to any one race " Cilvilization exists only by geological consent - subject ot change without notice" as Texas recently found out.

MINCA have truely been Aboriginal in the way they have persevered to care for country on the island; its flora & forna & protect their habitats. It is good news to read that their efforts have been recognised.

Planning for climate change is preparing to lessen the impacts of getting no notice of the changes coming. The recognition for that is still to be accepted.

Understanding the Aboriginal connection to the block lessons the pain caused by the history of ficticious dispossession.

One international judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the recent ICJ case - where Portugal took Australia to the international court over Australia's signing the East Timor oil rich waters over to Indonesia & then divied up the rest to Australia - said: "Once it was said that the law followed the flag. But not anymore. International law is everywhere." The East Timorese have since challenged that deal & exposed the accepted lies created by "law".

Wear big gum boots & lots of Rid on the block; & stop the national parks burning the arse out of the island every year.
George Villaflor

Nigel Grier
September 19th 2008
A remarkable achievement, Congratulations to all against the odds, internally and externally!
Peter Frsncis Hughes
September 19th 2008
Indeed this is a win for the environment and the islands in this area. The economics of the environment and the law are becoming closer relatives in this country. They can coexist.
Peter F. Hughes
November 4th 2008
hey, its great that u guyes are soing this for the enviroment!

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