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September 12th 2008
Hunt on for Magnetic's Indian Myna

An Indian myna A plan is underway to rid Magnetic Island of an unwelcome Indian Myna bird spotted at the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal last month.

Council staff are also conducting a survey of the area to detect if there are any other feathery intruders threatening the island's Indian Myna bird free status.

Environment and Sustainable Development Committee Chair, Cr Vern Veitch, said Indian Myna birds, not to be confused with the native Common Myna, had been identified as an environmental nuisance, and Magnetic Island was to be kept free of this pest under the Council's Local Government Area Pest Management Plan 2004-8.

"We're not sure how they manage to get over to the island, but staff have an established procedure for the odd occasion, such as this case," Cr Veitch said.

"We can't control them on the mainland, but Magnetic Island's isolation allows us to keep the island free of this pest species, which roosts in roofs of suburban households and have the potential to spread mites and diseases to humans as well as domestic animals.

"The noise and smell of these birds can be both annoying and offensive, and if left unchallenged, Indian Mynas can become a problem in parks and outdoor eating areas.

"Indian Myna birds also reduce biodiversity by competing with native birds for nesting space and are capable of evicting even the larger birds, such as Kookaburras, from their nests."

Once the bird is located a trap will be set and when caught the bird will be taken to the nearest vet surgery for euthanasia in order to comply with the city's pest management plan.

Council has a fact sheet available on the Indian Myna bird and the public are asked to report any sightings on Magnetic Island to Environmental Health Services on (07) 4727 9000.

Photo courtesy of Canberra Indain Myna Action Group.

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Hunt on for Magnetic's Indian Myna
Dr Andy Lewis
September 12th 2008
Mynas do turn up at Picnic Bay fairly regularly, but they never seem to persist there for too long. I think the abundant and aggressive native species such as currawongs, crows, Kookaburras tend to drive them away. Given Nelly Bay's higher degree of "urbanisation" in the vicinity of the harbour, and lack of associated native birds, it would seem prudent to trap and euthanase the offending bird before it is joined by a mate and then decides to nest in the roof of someone's (vacant?)luxury unit.
September 15th 2008
Let's not mix up our birds and their names before we even get started. In my Field Guide to the Birds of Australia (Pizzey and Knight) the listed Common Myna is exactly the bird we are talking about here - its alternative name is Indian Myna or Mynah.
There is no "native Common Myna" in Australia.
There are several species of a native bird with a similar sounding name - Miner - Noisy Miner, Bell Miner, Dusky Miner etc. This is a completely different bird with very different habits.
August 3rd 2009
we've had an outbreak in our area here in brisbane. it makes me want to cry when i wake up hearing indian mynas chirping, when we used to wake up to lorikeets and noisy mynas chirping : (

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