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August 31st 2008
Walking track closed for prescribed burn

Fire helps control lantana The EPA plan to conduct a prescribed burn in the area around the Sphinx Lookout near Arcadia.

The Nelly Bay to Arcadia walking track will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for public safety. Rangers will be using the walking track to ignite and control the fire.

The fire will not take place near the residential area.

The purpose of the fire is to conserve the open woodland environment and reduce the hazard of wildfires. The fire is also being used as a management tool to control an extensive weed infestation of Lantana in the area.

Keep checking Magnetic Times for more updates.

For further information contact Ranger in Charge, Patrick Centurino, on 4778 5378.

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Walking track closed for prescribed burn
September 1st 2008
We used to live on Maggie and we were always concerned about the death of wildlife in these burns....nothing could persuade us that wildlife are not killed in these burns.
September 13th 2008
Wildlife are killed, Irene. I remember one year when bushwalkers came back reporting barbecued koalas in the trees. So it doesn't leave much hope for ground dwellers.

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