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August 25th 2008
Slippery marina path reopened

Open and cleaned but not fixed It has been a nagging annoyance to many a Magnetic Island resident and visitor wishing to wander along the marina-side footpath between the Lion's Park and the Nelly Bay Terminal. But locals will have noticed, that, from early last week, the pathway, which has been closed since late last year and has been the subject of a dispute between Townsville City Council and the developers, Eureka Funds Management, is now open. But after an inspection of the path the cause of the closure - water leaking from the retaining wall which caused slippery slime to grow and make the path unsafe - remains unfixed. So why was the path reopened?

The simple answer is, according to Mr Eugene White from Eureka, who took on the development after Gordon Property Developers (GPD) left our shores, that Eureka have agreed to keep the path cleaned on a regular basis.

Mr White told Magnetic Times, the developer of Blue on Blue, has agreed to maintain the cleaning regime until the issue is resolved with TCC.

The actual dispute is, however, rather more revealing of the development's history than a simple slimy story.

The wall and pathway, according to Mr White, belong to Townsville City Council and, years back, before GPD had dug their first footing, Curtain Brothers, who reclaimed the land on which Blue on Blue was built, also built the retaining wall and path and that the boundary runs directly behind the wall.

Mr White said, "We provided (to former TCC) a $50,000 full engineering report on December 20 last year. The retaining wall is not on our land and we can't touch it. It's not ours."

Mr White said, "Curtain Bros built it and that's how it was surveyed. It's an unusual situation but CB surveyed it and it all went through stamped off by Council."

Mr White also believes that the wall has also subsided slightly and that the water which is coming through the wall's seepage holes is more to do with underground flows through from the hills towards the bay rather than seepage from their garden watering systems.

Council closed the path after at least one accident occurred due to the slime but Mr White points out, "It affected us and locals. Peppers need it open, the marina needs it open and the public need it it open," he said.

The path was most recently
closed with concrete blocks

For months the path had been shut with a steel barricade and "Use other footpath" sign. More recently after one of the barricades had been detached and cast aside, no doubt by angry locals, three large concrete blocks were positioned across the path's entrance.

As Lorna Hempstead President of the Community Development Association pointed out to Council in a recent submission - with a major yacht race about to start at the marina - "the Island will appear so inhospitable if yachties and spectators alike can't access the marina path with gear/ freight/ access to 24 hour toilets without climbing over a

Slippery marina path reopened
August 25th 2008
A $50,000 report finding that the seepage comes "from the hills" (presumably via a subterranean stream beneath the underground car parks) and levitates back up into reclaimed land suspended above sea level, while in no way intersecting with an in-ground irrigation system installed just metres away - and it's the City Council's problem. This must be what they mean by a Eureka moment.
August 26th 2008
I think the 'poly speak' is as slimy as ever.
Wendy Tubman
August 26th 2008
George - is there a prize for best letter of the decade? If so, hand it over to chasmac for the above response - wonderful!
August 27th 2008
As a regular user of this path, by bike & foot, I often marveled at where the water percolated from. I know we don't want the truth to get in the way of a good story, but that path was wet and slimy long before the first sod was ever turned at Blue on Blue.
August 27th 2008
Nool, I am happy for Truth to get in the way long before any other sod, the question is, who should be attending to the slime and what is its source? I know it is possible that the water arises miraculously inside the cement blocks of the 'wall' (which apparently belongs to the Council), but it is more likely coming from somewhere behind the wall. Regardless of how the soil back there is getting saturated it can't possibly be Council's water that is seeping out of Blue on Blue's soil onto the path.
September 15th 2008
Thanks to residents and TCC for pressing for a solution

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