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August 23rd 2008
Survivor thanks Islanders

The site where the accident occurred The survivor of the fatal car crash which occurred on Horseshoe Bay hill on Tuesday night contacted Magnetic Times today. Her name is Terrilea Tsounias and she wanted to make a very sincere thank you to all who helped her and her fianc

While trying to contain her deep sadness and tears, Terrilea said, "I really really appreciate everybody's help at the accident site. That they really cared so much - I really want to thank them so much. The care and attention they showed was just fantastic. If Eric was here too I know he would want to thank them as well."

Terrilea is now out of hospital and recovering from the accident. "I was just banged up. I have a broken arm, Im black and blue with whiplash" she said.

Terrilea and Eric had only arrived on Magnetic Island that morning. "We'd picked up the moke that morning, went for a fish, looked around the Island and were having a lovely day. We were heading back to our unit when the accident happened," she said.

A memorial service will be held for Eric at Morley's Funerals in Townsville at 11am on Tuesday 26th.

Story & photo: George Hirst

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Survivor thanks Islanders
August 23rd 2008
Sorry there was a mistake in the location of the memorial service for is to be held at the townsville cremotorian at 11am on Tuesday..
Kylie Harwood
August 23rd 2008
I sincerely wish you all the best and my prayers are with you and both your families right now. The locals here really are devasted by what has happened and I'm sure they will agree with me in saying that our heart-felt thoughts are with you right now. May you stay strong now and have faith and go on to have a full and happy life. Be blessed!
donna wickett
August 25th 2008
my name is donna wickett i am sister of terrilea tsounias who survived the tragic accident last tuesday night,that took my sisters fiance eric levick,s life, i would like to thank all the nurses and medical staff from townsville hospital that worked so hard to to try and save erics life.and for all the support from the local people in townsville who have sent their loving thoughts and prayers.
may eric sleep peacefully until the resurection....

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