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August 21st 2008
Xander wins with "Fire & Water"

Xander with his winning painting Xander, AKA Alexander Ryan of Horseshoe Bay, was, last week, announced the winner of the 2008 Townsville Young Artist's Awards 17-18 years painting section, held at Perc Tucker Gallery.

Xander, is a year 12 student at Pimlico High and told Magnetic Times that his painting, titled Fire and water, took about 15 hours to make. "I was working about one and a half hours a day but had to leave the painting time to dry each day between coats."

The painting involved building up of many layers of colour and texture which was later sanded back to reveal the colours and forms beneath beneath.

Xander acknowledged the influence of his father, artist, Gavin Ryan who encouraged him to "do some drawing concepts," to resolve his design before getting involved in the painting process.

The effort clearly seems to have paid off with the prize being awarded and the work sold soon after for $400.

Xander is cautious about becoming a professional artist, saying, "I know from dad's experience how hard it is to work as a professional but it would be a good hobby if I can earn lots of money," adding, "I had an absolute ball making it."

Cr Jenny Lane announced the winners at the official opening of the Awards and Ignite Youth Art Program, saying, "The next Picasso could be amongst these young Townsville artists.

Xander wins with
August 21st 2008
Congratulations Xander, fantastic !!!!!! very well deserved result.
August 22nd 2008
Fabulous job Alex, and well earned by the look of it. I'm glad you had fun doing it & look forward to a lot more.Cheers, Rose.
August 25th 2008
It's NOT ONLY your talent it's the work you put in >I love the painting keep going- Love what you do >that is success, this time it is also recognized by others, Yeah> we are proud of you.

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