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August 15th 2008
TCC to act on dumped wrecks

A wreck at the Cockle Bay block One of Magnetic Island's long term eyesores has been the number of car wrecks which have been dumped into bushland and or simply left to rot in backyards. But this financial year Townsville City Council appears set to make a difference

Townsville City Council is planning to set an example by cleaning up approximately 80 wrecks left on its own bushland property and will be taking steps to identify owners and take them to task for the illegal dumpings.

Deputy Mayor Cr David Crisafulli told Magnetic Times, "Council has investigated the illegal dumping of car bodies in the area of Council land at Cockle Bay where there are approximately 80 vehicles with no known owners. These vehicles are to be removed and returned to the mainland for recycling.

"It is not until we start sending a message that we are willing to start with a clean slate will people realise we will not tolerate illegal dumping of vehicles," he said.

The wrecks have accumulated in TCC owned bushland between the Cockle Bay wastewater treatment plant and the Magnetic Island Country (golf) Club. Some wrecks ended up in the semi-permanent wetland on the other side of the treatment plant and have been the cause of considerable concern over their potential to pollute the fish nursery and wading bird habitat.

A wreck in the wetland

"If vehicles are abandoned on private property, Council can take this issue up with the owner of these properties. By Council looking after its backyard, it gives us more leverage to ask land owners to do the same.

"At this stage we have only contemplated removing those vehicles that have been abandoned on Council land in Cockle Bay.

"If we can identify owners of the vehicles, we will be ensuring that owners are taken to task for their illegal dumping. We appreciate the assistance of the public in this matter," said Cr Crisafulli.

As for the costs involved Cr Crisafulli said, "We have been given a figure by a contractor to remove the estimated 80 vehicles at Cockle Bay. However the Contractor's method of removal has now changed and we are in negotiation regarding the final financial implication. We will keep your readers informed."

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TCC to act on dumped wrecks
wendy tubman
August 16th 2008
Well done to the new and seemingly more enlightened TCC! I hope that it manages to trace the vandals involved and to get the message across to others thinking of dumping their problems onto the community and environment, that such behaviour will not be condoned. Good, too, to see a TCC that is not scared of communicating with a very popular media outlet that is prepared to ask the hard questions when necessary.
Paul Vassallo
August 18th 2008
When and if the owners are identified put their names in the media outlets to let the public know who they are.

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