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August 9th 2008
QCCU helps many through one

Ron Stephens hands the cheque to Tania Thoreau At least fourteen Magnetic Island based groups will benefit from a donation made this week by the Queensland Country Credit Union to the Magnetic Island Community Development Association for $2,126.00 to purchase a new community photocopier.

Community Development Association President Lorna Hempstead told Magnetic Times, "The sponsorship provided by the Queensland Country Credit Union will provide the Magnetic Island Community Development Association the funds to purchase a new photocopier to replace our old and now 'almost-dead' machine."

MICDA member Tania Thoreau accepted the cheque yesterday on behalf of the organisation.

QCCU's Manager of Magnetic, Mr Ron Stephens, told Magnetic Times, "QCCU gives $150,000.00 across the state each year. It's the Credit Union's way of supporting the community that supports them and I am delighted to have been able to assist MICDA in this round of grants."

According to Lorna Hempstead, "This machine is used by approx 14 Island based groups on a fairly regular basis, and a few more on an occasional basis. It copies meeting minutes, newsletters, fliers, Island historic material, music, prayers, and a host of other items for the various groups."

Previous recipents for QCCU grants on Magnetic have included the Kindergarten and MI Fauna Care Organisation.

"The new and reliable machine will be warmly welcomed by all!" said Lorna Hempstead.

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QCCU helps many through one
Peter le Grand
August 9th 2008
Congratulations to QCCU and to note that their decision and willingness to step into the breach, the legacy left our community by corporate shareholders when such unilaterally departed the island some years past, has proved and continues a productive partnership with our community.
All power to the credit union ethos and as practised by QCCU.

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