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August 7th 2008
Council puts up $80,000 for new Coastguard boat

The current Coastguard vessel Townsville City Council has approved funding of $80,000 over two years through its Partnerships and Sponsorships Program as a contribution towards the purchase of a new offshore rescue craft by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association.

Lifestyle and Community Development Committee Chair, Cr Jenny Lane said the group's Townsville Flotilla has up to 80 volunteers who provide an invaluable service to the community, covering an area from Hinchinbrook to Bowen and as far out to sea as 200 nautical miles.

"They literally provide a safety net on the water at every hour of the day on every day of the year," Cr Lane said.

"While they're not always recognised for the work they do, they can always be counted on to carry out rescues and backup medivac services to Magnetic Island and provide much needed help to the police, RAAF and the SES."

The new craft will be larger than the organisation's current vessel and able to travel for 24 hours before needing to be refuelled - an increase of 10 hours on the existing vessel which is due for replacement.

Magnetic Island Rotary recently donated $3,000 to the construction of the new vessel (read here).

The Partnerships and Sponsorships program aims to help Townsville organisations to provide community, cultural development and sport and recreation services.

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Council puts up $80,000 for new Coastguard boat
David Ede
August 7th 2008
It is truely wonderfull that the Townsville City Councilcontinues to serves the Community through the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard by commiting $80,000 towards replacing the Primary Rescue vessel.

The Maqgnetic Island residents and visitors have benefited from over 200 Medi Vacs done by the Coast Guard when the rescue helicopter and Ferries are not available in the last 8 years.

As any as 2548 people and boaties have been saved by the Coast Guard volunteers since the current rescue vessel Spirit of Rotary was launched in 2001.

On behalf of the Coast Guard I thank the Townsville City Council for this initiative and offer our continued services to the 30 odd Townsville based organisations that we assist.

For those ventuiring out on the water please don't forget to log your trip sheet in by phone, radio or leaave the trip sheet at the Coast Guard building in Sir Leslie Thiess Drive.

For $55 you can join the rescue club and get a free tow if you break down. It is so little for that peace of mind when on the water.

If you want to be a Corporate Life Member of Coast Guard give me a ring.

David Ede
Volunteer Skipper and Chairman
New Vessel Fundraising Committee

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