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August 4th 2008
40 teens smash bottles in drunken spree

The park at the centre of the spree Police were called and Magnetic Island buses stopped running to Picnic Bay last Saturday night after a group of drunken teenagers went on a bottle smashing spree around the toilets and bus stop area near the head of the jetty.

Constable Ben Costello of the Magnetic Island Police told Magnetic Times, "About forty youths were involved but probably only five were from the Island."

"They were intoxicated and smashing bottles. When I got there they were mostly in the park across from the R & R Bar."

"They indicated that a local boy had invited them to an open party which didn't eventuate and, as a result, a lot of kids came over with nowhere to go," Said Constable Costello.

The group arrived by bus and, according to Magnetic Island Bus Service's Manager Jan Pranskunas, the buses were pelted a couple of times and the company cancelled their later services to Picnic Bay for the safety of their drivers, passengers and the youths, some of whom had been laying across the roads.

According to Constable Costello, the average age of the group was 16 years old

There were also reports that damage had been caused to the toilet block but this appeared to be minor.

According to Constable Costello, "Nobody was injured or threatened but a kayak which a local keeps on the beach has gone."

One diner at the R&R bar, who wished to remain anonymous, told Magnetic Times, "They were jumping out of the bus windows and were fighting up the jetty and one tried to sell me a mobile phone which I think may have been his father's." She added, "You'd want to be asking parents: do you know where your children are?"

For all the noise and mess it appears the young people were however mostly co-operative with the police and R&R Bar owner Pam Abraham who told Magnetic Times, "They started coming off the 9pm and 10pm boats. The local copper (Ben Costello) had other calls at the time but I must say he did really well,"

"I had to go over and play mum. We nipped it in the bud but there were broken bottles all over the street.

"I spoke to the small groups of sober ones and told them that the buses had boycotted them and the taxis wouldn't pick them up and that they should walk back to Nelly Bay as there were only two ferries left to get back to town on.

"They made a lot of mess and a lot of banging but for forty under age drunken kids strutting their stuff, I did give them points for listening to me and seeing common sense and walking home. I doubt if I could have done the same with that many intoxicated adults," she said.

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40 teens smash bottles in drunken spree
John G.
August 4th 2008
Read your editorial every morning and sort of keeps me in touch with our Son, who has lived on the Island for years now.

There seems to be an element of this type of thing, happening all over the world. I find it a shame, having visited your lovely Island to see our Son. One begins to wonder, and hope the word paradise has not dropped from describing the Island to the world.

What we sow,do we all reap in the following years.

Great Paper, thanks.

John G

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