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July 30th 2008
That noise and its cause

There have been some interesting comments following our call to readers to try and explain the rumbling noises heard on Sunday afternoon.

Joyce, a reader from Adelaide wrote: "Earth tremors - heard them and experienced them in and outside Adelaide many many years ago, until one . . .after rumbling for many weeks (sometimes it would be days) shook our bed from one end of the bedroom to the other and sent a large crack down outside wall. Sometimes if we are lucky all we will ever hear is the underground noise (which can sound like overhead too)."

Another reader, Crystal, takes loud noises very seriously, to the point where she has dedicated a website to them. Crystal writes, "I have been collecting news items on my webpage about mysterious booms and rumbling from around the globe since the end of 2005. I still don't know what the cause(s) of these are, but there have been quite a few of them. My list of them is at this link - "

Interestingly the rumbles have continued today and can be heard as this article is being prepared.

Magnetic Times sought a response over the rumbles from the Australian Defence Forces. Their first response was, "Army is conducting training at High Range Training Area and it is feasible, but highly unlikely, that some noise may be heard on Magnetic Island." following a call for a little more clarification the ADF spokesperson wrote, "Weapons firing did occur at High Range Training Area at that time. Whether that was what was heard on Magnetic Island or in Townsville is uncertain, given the significant distance these two areas are from the Training Area."

High Range exercises were also suspected by long-time respondent Chasmac who with characteristic wit, wrote: "Don't look towards Halifax Bay. The RAAF no longer carries out bombing practice there. But maybe the Army live firing area at High Range? Which is also used by the RAAF - when they are trying to hit AJs on the ground."

The High Range exercise area is over 50km from Magnetic Island.

To read the original story, "What was that noise?" (click here)

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That noise and its cause
August 1st 2008
Given that the ADF was using the High Range site at the time I think we can safely assume that to be the source of the booms. The distance does not render High Range out of the question at all. I can remember watching the RAAF bomb Rattlesnake Island / Cordelia Rocks from the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay. We could see the explosion with binoculars and time the arrival of the sound - which was quite loud and incredibly clear on a windless, cold day. From memory the sound took 65 seconds to reach us and someone worked that out to be 23 kms (I'll leave it to the high school mathematicians to do the sums). If the atmospheric ducks are all lined up those low frequency sounds can travel huge distances.

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