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July 28th 2008
What was that noise?

Yesterday afternoon around sunset there were a series of loud explosive sounds heard from one end of Magnetic Island to the other and nobody seems to know what it was.

One reader, Natalie Tonking, emailed us with the following: "I was wondering if there was any explanation for the rumbling we heard yesterday afternoon. It could very clearly be heard in Horseshoe and Nelly bays (different people I spoke to) and at first sounded like distant thunder. But it continued at fairly regular intervals for at least an hour - just before sunset - if not longer."

Magnetic Times heard the sound too but ,as we reside on the West coast, assumed it was just more live firing practice by the air force on Halifax Bay. However, after making enquiries we learned there was no exercises being conducted at the that time.

Calls to the Townsville Met Office, the Harbour Master and even Cluden race track (did you have a fireworks display after the races?) resulted in three big "Nos".

If readers have any inclings we would be keen to hear your ruminations on the rumbles.

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What was that noise?
Nigel Grier
July 28th 2008
The noises were heard at Alligator Creek also.

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