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July 24th 2008
Black out probably the weather

The black out It really was a dark and stormy night, with the emphasis on dark, last night, when a black out struck Picnic and Nelly Bays at 8.30pm

Ironically this reporter was in a meeting at the time discussing Magnetic's energy supplies among other matters when darkness descended.

A spokesperson for power supplier, Ergon, told Magnetic Times, "We lost power to 764 customers in Picnic and Nelly Bays at 8.30 last night. The powerlines supplying the area were patrolled and no fault was found. However we believe the wild weather at that time may have been a contributing factor.

According to Ergon about 50% of customers were restored by 10.30 and all customers were back on supply by 11.05 pm.

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Black out probably the weather
dani ryan
July 25th 2008
Love the photo on the dark spot george...keep up the good work Dani
Literary fiction
July 25th 2008
It was blacked out from St Lawrence to Rockhampton and surrounds from c.7am Wed-1.13am Thurs. Ergon couldn't find the problem then when they did they couldn't access it. The cause was a fallen powerline at Princhester.

The part of the Bruce Highway that runs from Rockhampton to St Lawrence is 'the end of the line' for power lines etc and has not been updated for many years. I'm wondering if it is a similar situation there and this leads me to ask where does all the money go if it is not going back into community for basics such as power and roads since it is 2008 not 1908...

Just a thought in passing.

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