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July 18th 2008
Let us help you save your tip fee

Dumped behind the Golf course Whether it was pangs of conscience on behalf of the original litter bug or an opportunity taken by an active recycler we don't know. But the dumped gym equipment we reported on recently in our story "Do you recognise this?" has been removed from the sand dune beyond Ned Lees Creek. Sad to say however, we didn't notice until now that there was more rubbish left just behind the same dune. And, now there is more, lots more, but this time dumped behind the Magnetic island Country Club.

The gym seemed to be in reasonable condition (see here) but since its removal we have discovered amongst the dumped rags, car radiator and plastic containers what we believe to be the weights that go with the gym and encourage whoever made off with the gym to return and make off with the weights and, as a thank you, can we suggest they remove the rest of the stuff too.

The rubbish hidden behind the dune near Ned Lees Creek

While this writer can understand resident's annoyance at now having to pay to dump rubbish at the Picnic Bay Tip, just how people could bring themselves to trash our beautiful World Heritage Island to avoid a few lousy dollars tip fee is something I cannot understand.

That is why it is even more outrageous to find trades rubbish dumped now behind the MI Country (Golf) Club at Picnic Bay.

All that could be discerned from this mess was that it appeared to be the work of somebody in the building trade with lots of electrical wiring (go get it copper recyclers) insulation, plastic bags with breeding mozzies and wood scraps. A brief examination failed to reveal any particular lead as to who may have dumped it but it appears they were likely to be a Peter Jackson smoker.

For the record. This pile is located about 50 meters down the bush track below the water tank adjacent to the Golf Club in Picnic Bay. If anybody wants some spare copper and, possibly, more useful bits and pieces, we suggest you take a look then take the lot.

It seems Magnetic Island is losing some self respect here and to help in a very practical way and help save you a tip fee, Magnetic Times welcomes anybody who has potentially useful waste materials to email us at with a description of the waste your address and contact details. We will post this info straight to our FREE Classifieds where you may find a taker and even a buyer before you head off to the overloaded tip.

Story & photos: George Hirst

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Let us help you save your tip fee
Lorraine Phillippo
July 19th 2008
Good idea George & Pen. "Mitre 11" lives on!
David Ede
July 19th 2008
Dear ed,

I do not condone rubish being dumped in our National Parks and habitat areas.

Those on Magnetic Island who have a weekly rubbish service are blessed. Those who don't are at the mercy of the new dump opening hours and lack of collection points on the island where rubish builds up. Vermin and birds tend to get into the rubbish and scatter it around.

West point area locals regularly clean up along the road and beaches where visitors leave their offerings.

The pressure of rubbish depositing occurrs mainly duting long weekends and holiday periods when a lot of people visit the area.Unfortunately the two bins provided are totally inadequate for the visitors at that time. Unfortunately the TCC and contractor rubbish removal agreement seems to not allow for these big visitor numbers and the rubbish takes weeks to be totally removed.

We love having people visit the area. There is nothing more pleasant than the laughter and joy of kids during holidays having fun on the beach etc.

The TCC needs to do what is done at most isolated areas and provide a decent big bin service that encourages recycling and rubish control.

If you are a weekend warrior the Dump is not usually open when you are heading home. It is locked. Hence a problem. You dump it, you place it in a bin on the way to the ferry or you take it to the mainland like we often do. Some people just leave it where they please.

All this has happened because the TCC caused the problem when they changed the dump process.The new TCC now has to solve it.

So until the TCC does something about fixing a problem they caused the dumping of rubbish will continue.( unfortunately)

David Ede

West Point Property Owner
July 21st 2008
I wonder how much rubbish could have been collected in the time equivalent to uploading photos of rubbish then writting article about it??? adding time to respond and complain about TCC and very reasonable dump fees. who ever dumped the rubbish is a disorganised tight arse, I am off now with bag and box in hand to take some of this lazy disorganised tight arse's rubbish to the tip, I reckon I could spare $2.50 to get rid of what I can carry.... can anyone else? thanks for highlighting that, like all communities, there are some who consistently do the wrong thing.
George Hirst
July 21st 2008
Thanks for your comment Stella. It took about one hour to get the photos taken, uploaded and the story written which is time I could have spent cleaning up the mess but, then again, it seems like time better spent drawing the community's attention to the issue, in the hope that someone who wants useful material can go collect it, or, to just make people think twice about rubbishing Magnetic. Of course our open invite to use our classifieds for waste recycling can also help. But the main reason I didn't pick anything up myself was because there was no room on my bicycle. George Hirst Ed.
July 28th 2008
In case u didnt already know... the company which built blue on blue resort dumped a huge amount of their contruction waste on the island\'s tip. I think this is why the council decided to start imposing a fee on the local residents. Typical really that the locals would be penalised for the activities of a construction company. Despite the new fee for the tip, its no excuse for miffed-off residents to litter this beautiful island, there are not many more places left like this in the world, believe me, and anyone who disrespects the island\'s wildlife by fly-tipping (dumping their waste illegally) should also be prosecuted whether its private or trade.

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