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July 11th 2008
Measles outbreak in Townsville

Queensland Health is today warning residents to be on the look out for the symptoms of measles following the first confirmed case of the disease in Townsville for more than a decade.

In a media release to Magnetic Times, Tropical Population Health Network Public Health Doctor Steven Donohue said laboratory tests had confirmed a two-year-old boy had contracted the highly contagious disease.

"Although the boy did not need to be hospitalised, he was quite ill from the infection," said Dr Donohue.

"The next concern is the very real possibility that the virus may have spread even further into the community, before the symptoms became clear.

"Population health officers have been very active in trying to identify individuals who may have been exposed, including close family members of the boy.

"We have offered to vaccinate several people who have come into contact with the boy and who have yet to receive their measles vaccinations.

"The vaccine can help prevent measles, even after exposure.

"This needs to be given within three days of any exposure, but of course would protect from later transmission during an outbreak.

"Queensland Health will work with GPs to actively investigate all suspected cases and undertake steps to prevent further transmission."

Dr Donohue thanked the affected boy's family for their cooperation.

Measles is extremely contagious and is spread through coughing and sneezing. The virus can last for several hours in the environment.

Measles can be very distressing for the affected individual, and can be complicated by pneumonia and encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain). It can be a severe illness even in otherwise healthy adolescents and young adults.

The initial symptoms of measles are:

Measles outbreak in Townsville
July 11th 2008
Your article on measles is yet another support for 'medical marketing' - a feeble attempt to sell vaccines by 'Big Pharma'
Measles is NOT a disease - it is an attempt by the body's largest organ of elimination to excrete toxic matter that has been laid down by a faulty lifestyle.
Logic dictates that by removing the cause(s) of said 'toxemia' health will be restored - however, the current mode of 'disease education' simply sells products to suppress symptoms.
No scientist in the world tries to modify effects in order to justify causes - but then 'medicine' is not a science - it is an art - and it doesn't paint a very pretty picture.
Causes Removed - Symptoms Relieved - Health Restored.
Kevin Hinton
July 23rd 2008
Poor Kevin, still a member of the flat earth society and living in his paranoid world of fear. To see a child acutely ill with measles and to see the consequences of brain damage and sensory organ loss surely would change any normal persons opinion in regard to immunisation.

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