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July 3rd 2008
Do you recognise this?

Dumped on West Point road If you recognise this gym equipment then maybe you can help us identify who it was who dumped it beside the West Point road.

Just a week after Magnetic Times documented the mess of household goods, dumped behind the dune at Horseshoe Bay, (read here) another dumping has occurred along the West Point road, a short distance beyond Ned Lees creek.

This time it is a gym machine that has been left to rust beside the mangroves.

Readers have contacted Magnetic Times suggesting we try to identify the culprits so if you think you know who owned this machine we would be happy to pass the info on to the authorities.

For the record, the brand information on the seat reads, "York mega Max 3001"

Over to you readers.

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Do you recognise this?
July 4th 2008
That's an easy question to answer! Mensa is not called for on this one. But before I state the bleeding obvious, may I say please can I be given more specific directions to pick it up so I can join the traffic queue in the morning!
Just a year ago such items that even sniffed approaching half-decent were retrieved immediately from the former free recycling area known as the Magnetic Island Tip.
To answer your question as to who dumped it is simple: It was a person totally disgruntled with the fact that in spite of living in an area which is amongst the highest charging rates areas in Australia, the council we elected has decided to inflict yet another burden on ratepayers by charging yet more money for the tip facility bought and maintained by ratepayers
July 4th 2008
Paul, what's the message you want to send? Something like - In order to save five lousy bucks, I'll dump my unwanted crap in the bush rather than at the authorised, fully maintained and serviced Council landfill?
I spent $900 buying it, $100 getting it onto the Island, I'm too slack to use it and I've got nowhere to store it....and now it's Friday night, I'm half pissed and the dump is closed so.....Oh yeah, I'll just take a drive out the west side and dump it. No one will know it was me. That's Blind Freddie.

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