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June 26th 2008
Can you believe this?

Rubbish dumped at Horseshoe Bay Earlier this week Magnetic Times was alerted to the dumping of rubbish just behind the dune at the bottom of Swensen Street in Horseshoe Bay.

We discovered a large mess of strewn household items of which many would have been welcome at the Lifeline shop.

The items included children's toys and parts of furniture and ironically the mess included a very new "Don't waste Magnetic" garbage bag.

One wonders if the new fees imposed by Council at the Picnic Bay tip may have something to do with the dumping, but, form any perspective, this was an act of gross negligence.

One has to wonder why people, who can do things like this, would want to live on beautiful, World Heritage, Magnetic Island. They obviously have no appreciation of the beauty of their surrounds.

The mess has been brought to the attention of New Townsville City Council.

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Can you believe this?
June 26th 2008
Sadly one has to believe it.
And even more so it is a reflection of the a much larger proportion of our population than we care to acknowledge.

As for waste site disposal fees, while so ever we persist with the untrammelled growth is good ethos - unfettered procreation, subservience to all things bright and bling et al - then disposal fees, amongst much else, would always emerge as a reality.

Add the very deep and far reaching consequences of having to adjust attitudenally, in the first instance, to address the equal reality of climate change then expect the unwashed, and not so unwashed, to continue with such behaviour ergo it should not really beggar belief.

Tragically, for us all, the mindset responsible for this act of anti-social behaviour mirrors so much else in our society - where the self hallmarks the lowest common denominator.
June 27th 2008
Oh yes, I can believe this all right. Some people seem to think that any empty piece of land, particularly if beautiful, needs a pile of humanity's debris to make it complete.
Particularly when it is an enormous 16k to the tip, and costs a few bucks to dump it there.
If somebody reading this REALLY can't afford the tip fees, it might be worth taking an Age Pensioner with you and seeing if they can do the dumping at the tip - it's free for a certain number of trips a year! (Just one of those nice things the Council does for pensioners).

Meahwhile, I hope whoever did this feels ashamed of themselves now that their dirty deed has been brought into the open - but I doubt if they are community-minded enough to read Magnetic Times.
June 27th 2008
I think the only thing to embarrass/shame the little dumper would be getting caught in the act and facing censure from his/her friends or mates.
Its astounding that with climate change well and truly upon us there are still (it seems) so many people who choose to stick their heads in the sand - but maybe that's just another form of pollution
June 30th 2008
Has anyone been to look at the car dump, Yes did you not know the Island has a car dump, Just near the beautiful wet lands in Picnic bay. Well if you've been for a stroll there recently you might well have noticed the cars are no longer alone, it appears the area has become more of a general dump with household rubbish etc thrown in for good meassure HSB you're not alone.
David J
July 3rd 2008
Unfortunately the wording of this article is incorrect. It is not an act of gross negligence. The intentional criminal element is obvious and should be investigated accordingly. Community shaming is a good tool as well and I would promote that high quality pictures of the more identifiable pieces of rubbish be advertised with a reward for anyone who can legally identify who it belonged too. Every week simply up the reward until justice is done. Perhaps even the suggestion of such a fun activity would result in the rubbish mysteriously relocating to the tip. I'll be first to donate to such a reward! Enjoy David J

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