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June 16th 2008
A huge night at Musos Club

Happy birthday Mick McDermott Last Saturday night was just huge at Magnetic Island Musos Club with Islanders and visitors rolling up through the night to hear eight different line-ups by artists ranging in age from about 10 years old right through to 91.

The night was always likely to be big as, local, Mick McDermott was celebrating his 40th birthday and, as many of the young musicians making waves at Musos Club these days include Mick's family members, there were many extra friends and supporters to help make as much fun as possible.

Angus Kininmonth plays bass with the Jay Walkers

The Jay Walkers include Mick's two sons James and Patrick with Angus Kininmonth and Mitch Hillyear making it a fab four. These kids are growing in musicianship and confidence every time they take the stage and last Saturday was no exception with a set of six songs including covers from Nirvana to the Wombats. Later in the night James made a brave and cheeky attempt at Stairway to Heaven. Mick himself got up to play with the young people and later with niece, Rebecca Totino, attracting lots of spirited support from friends and family.

Rebecca Totino

It is a great delight for older musicans and live music lovers to see just how much the young Island line-ups are adding to the Musos Club experience and this energising process looks likely to grow.

Col Fulford blows with the best at 90 plus!!! (file photo)

But if anybody thought youth was a ticket to the Musos Club stage they were proved very wrong when Living Island Treasure, 91 year old, Colin Fulford appeared for a few quick old time numbers on his harmonica. Col has made a couple of appearances at Musos Club in the last few years and his gutsy, belt-it-out tunes held their own without accompaniment> His performance was met with huge applause from the ever growing audience.

Linsey Pollack (with beanie) and the humarimbas in action

Following Col Fulford was the big surprise guest appearence by internationally recognised musical inventor and performer Linsay Pollack who brought along a group who had workshopped a performance on the Island just that afternoon. They played a number of amazing instruments known as humarimbas which were strapped between two players and struck to make a sound not unlike a Carribean steel drum kit. It was a sensational interlude.

The Rocky Bay band

The stage was then occupied by the Rocky Bay Band, Mark Hannan's very entertaining reggae outfit which has the knack of quickly raising people to their feet in large numbers. Backed by the very competent Nial Bowden on bass; the very energetic and able Anthony on drum kit; musical man for all seasons, Mark Braggins who had put down his guitar which he plays with Sweet Thing to tap and tinker away with a table of percussion goodies, plus the fast maturing guitar and vocals of Tim Johansson. Mark Hannan has a great love of and feel for the material which included some of the best known reggae anthems such as Bob Marley's No woman no cry through to Desmond Decker's The Israelites.

Mal Hamilton

Mal Hamilton was also booked for a set and didn't disappoint. Mal is writing volumes of songs this year and one, The corporate warrior, has stand-out qualities in its witty lyrics that could see it picked up one day as musical hors d'

A huge night at Musos Club
Dani Ryan
June 17th 2008
A top night George! what a great spectator sport!Not my usual position on the field and I loved it.
From start to finish the night was filled with fab entertainment. Just for the record it was Patrick McDermott that gave us his version of 'Stairway to Heaven', although James was on the kit.
Great to see several Islanders attend and enjoy Musos for the very first time (better late...)...i hope you will be back.
I wonder if we could convince the bus company to renew the midnightish pick up we used to enjoy???
Thanks to all who participated in any way at all to create such a top night. Oh, and Nell, the dinner was fabulous, must be the best and most affordable food on the Island! Dani
Mick McDermott
June 18th 2008
A great night George and truly memorable birthday!! best of thanks to yourself, Ray and Mark and the rest of the club for making it happen and most of all for the clubs support of the Islands young upcoming stars The Jaywalkers.
June 19th 2008
wonderful night,mick reached a milestone.
Noel and I were truly entertained.
thank you to everyone for making such a great
night happen,

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