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June 12th 2008
Pensioners in for transport benefits

Townsville's public transport subsidy scheme will soon benefit all pensioners throughout the newly amalgamated city.

Council's Lifestyle and Development Committee will, this week, approve the go-ahead to expand Townsville's scheme to pensioners in the former Thuringowa area from July 1.

The transport subsidy scheme provides all Commonwealth or Veterans Affairs Pension card holders with 30% off bus tickets on top of the State Government's 50% general pensioner discount, and $3 discount on ferry fares for island pensioners.

Committee chair Cr Jenny Lane said the move would ensure eligible pensioners throughout the amalgamated city would benefit from cheaper public transport fares.

"Approval this week will be great news for all eligible pensioners in the new city of Townsville," Cr Lane said,

"The subsidy scheme has been extremely successful in making transport more affordable for those members of our community in receipt of a pension, enabling greater access to public transport."

"Expanding the service will provide the same generous subsidy for eligible pensioners right across the new city of Townsville.

Last year in Townsville the scheme provided discounts on 143,000 mainland bus tickets, 7,000 Magnetic Island bus tickets and 4,900 ferry fares at a cost to council of $312,000

The expansion of the scheme is expected to cost around $500,000.

Eligible pensioners are issued with a special card from the council which they are required to display along with their pensioner card when buying a bus or ferry ticket.

Cards can be used on all bus travel in the new Townsville City and Magnetic Island.

The council expects to issue cards to eligible pensioners in July and residents across Townsville, can register for the scheme by contacting, Community Services and Customer Service Centre on Level 1 Northtown, Flinders Mall, Customer Service Centres at Walker Street and Thuringowa Drive, and the Early Years Information Service on Fulham Road.

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Pensioners in for transport benefits
Bruce Williams
June 12th 2008
This decision made by the "New" Townsville City Council builds on earlier decisions of the Reynolds/Mooney Councils which had pursued issues of Equity and Participation for many years. Transportation and Remissions on Rates for those in need are Labor touchstones. Townsville stands out as a fine example to Australians and The World of how a firm, compassionate local government should operate. I hope the new (apolitical?) council continues to administer in this constructive way.

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