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June 3rd 2008
Scrapbooking workshop on Saturday

Nicole Engel In a world where life just seems to get faster and faster it is refreshing that a hobby which focusses on preserving and presenting memories, personal experience and special interests will be the focuss of a workshop this Saturday on Magnetic Island.

Nicole Engel is a 38 year old mum who moved to Nelly Bay from Sydney last year. She works for Sunferries as a Finance Process Officer but, in her spare time, Nicole engages her passion for scrapbooking and, next week, she's planning a scrapbooking workshop on Magnetic.

Scrapbooking is about family and personal material being creatively organised in an attractive way.

Nicole, who is also a volunteer with the Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre, told Magnetic Times how she got interested in her hobby. "I'd inherited a lot of old photos that were in poor condition.

Scrapbooking workshop on Saturday
June 4th 2008
good luck Nicole
June 6th 2008
Thinking of you - hope all goes well. This is really great!!!
July 17th 2008
My young Daughter & I had moved to Townsville 6mnths ago & Scapbooking is something we love to do together, however I don't have a crafty nature our pages are not very creative to say the least, I think what your doing to bring this to the Island is fab, please send me some more details of your classes we'd love to join you ??
Cheers Louise

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