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May 13th 2008
Townsville Ocean Terminal "too small"

An artists impresion of the TOT looking south According to Ann Sherry, CEO of Carnival Australia, which represents cruise lines including P&O, Princes Cruises and Cunard, plans for a cruise ship terminal at Townsville did not allow for the berthing of large ocean liners.

According to a report in the Brisbane Times and the Sun Herald, Ms Sherry said cruise liners were getting bigger and Queensland would soon face major problems attracting business.

Her comments were initially aimed at Brisbane's shortcomings terminal-wise but Townsville's proposed Ocean Terminal (TOT) was also in her sights.

"The proposed Townsville terminal is already too small," Ms Sherry said. "Given the growth of the industry, [Queensland is] planning for yesterday instead of the future." She said

Considerable debate has raged over the TOT development, not least of which is the large canal estate residential precinct planned to be built beside the TOT and directly adjacent to the Port of Townsville.

According to the reports, Ms Sherry said, that any new terminal should not be built near residential areas.

"The people who live around (Brisbane's) Portside Wharf are not enamoured with the noise associated with visiting cruise ships."

The approval process is underway for the cruise ship terminal at Townsville, but it will take at least two years for construction to begin.

The report claims that Townsville Enterprise tourism manager Brent Randall said he would like it to be approved more quickly but he realised the State Government had to adhere to all the necessary checks. He said because the city did not have a dedicated terminal, nine ships would have to anchor near Magnetic Island this year and the passengers ferried to shore.

Source: Brisbane Times & The Sun-Herald

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Townsville Ocean Terminal
jenny stirling
May 14th 2008
Ann Sherry speaks with clarity and makes sense. So then why would a State government support the construction of a billion dollar liner terminal that is too small at the outset to make the most of its market potential? Well obviously, for the same reasons the State government built the Townsville General Hospital on a much smaller scale than was needed to do the job properly. Am I advocating for a larger terminal? Not at all. I am just pointing out how consistently stupid the State's decisions are when it comes to dealing with NQ. I think it's all that sunlight- the vampires can't cope.
May 14th 2008
So, it would seem that the CEO of 'Carnival Australia', Ann Sherry, has bell'd the cat so far as the TOT big tent attraction is concerned.
As for the reported views of the TEL Tourism Manager these would infer that adherence to checks is perceived as an obstacle.
That would be a worrisome inference.
And as for cruise ships having to anchor off Maggie might it not be preferable they do so over the spoil dump at the outer reaches of Platypus Channel?
Perhaps TEL could apply to float a pontoon there and the Spoil Dump- Townsville return concession be bid for by an enterprising ferry or barge operator.
Good grief it all starting to verge on the ridiculous.

May 15th 2008
The tiresome aspect of this debate about the ocean terminal is that observers believe that the state or the tourism industry is planning for this thing as though it is a one-off on a greenfield site. It is not.
The site in Townsville is the tail end of the casino/marina project which has extended over 25 years. The last of the land (or sea bed) within the casino precinct has been divvied up into several blocks and sold, off the plan, to the highest bidder. Some of the blocks have already been developed (into building sites for units) and others will have high-rises built on them. The outermost block (the 'duckpond' beside the outer port) was acquired by developers who then set about seeing who or what they could squeeze into there to cash in on the deal. That developer sold the idea of a cruise ship terminal on a tiny edge of the site, to the state government which has consistently indicated that it was 'up for it' and prepared to drop in $15m. The scheme is possible because the duckpond shares a boundary with the port access channel. It is not possible in any other location - certainly not away from residential areas.
But as with other commentators, Ms Sherry is not prepared to acknowledge that the proposed terminal can only be built there if an enormous, completely unsustainable and stupid canal estate is already under construction. By raising this furphy about 'size is everything' Ms Sherry distracts attention from the main problem and carries the commentators away with her. Get back with the game guys and keep your eye on the ball. The canal estate is everything.
May 16th 2008
Has anyone considered that the shipping channel or the harbour swing basin is not suitable to navigate a 170m cruise ship.

May 18th 2008
It would be helpful, N, when making statements about the capacity of the Townsville harbour, to define what you mean by "suitable". What do you believe is the largest size ship that can be brought into Townsville? We have already seen 'Boxer' class US warships and Panamax class bulk carriers but it is true that the largest cruise ships are truly awesome things. I don't think the Townsville Ocean Terminal is pretending that it can handle any and all cruise ships, let alone full-blown US aircraft carriers.
March 15th 2009
You mob in Townsville got rocks in yer head regarding the proposed cruise ship terminal. You mob are gonna forkout zillions for a terminal that is way too small. Think big and think 20 years into the future. Good grief ships are now over 300m long no problem and can turn 180 degrees in their own length. Not only that but the terminal itself beggars belief do you mob really think you could accommodate several hundred in there at a time? What a waste of time. Make it bigger so buses and taxis arrive undercover 24/7, 365 days a year also put a viewing level on top so people can wave goodbye or do your pollies think everyone is a terrorist threat and mustn't be within cooee of the ship.. Look at the road useless for a pile of buses and taxis all arriving en-mass. It's has bad as Brisbane's decision to site their cruise terminal on the land side of Golden Gate bridge. What a stupid stupid decision. Politicians and developers are interested in only how much can they profit in the immediate future. When the terminal is built all said and done and then you mob wake up and find what a useless piece of infrastructure what then. Make it bigger end of storey. God save ya.

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