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May 13th 2008
Tell Tel what you think on Thursday

"We're providing a series of forums where local operators can voice their opinions and concerns to help shape the future of tourism in North Queensland," is how a Townsville Enterprise's (Tel) Brent Randall described a new project aimed at strengthening tourism partnerships across local government areas within North Queensland. The project includes a workshop on Magnetic Island this Thursday.

The Local Government Engagement Strategy is a child of the Queensland Tourism Strategy launched by the Queensland Government. The project will establish tourism's position in the region's future economic development - its aim is to foster relationships between local tourism organisations, regional councils, Townsville Enterprise and Tourism Queensland.

A series of workshops will identify opportunities for development across the North Queensland region - and the unique issues faced by operators within the region before the strategy shapes a regional approach to tourism development.

Townsville Enterprise Destination Marketing and Development Manager Brent Randall said he hoped operators would take the opportunity to have their opinions considered as part of the strategy.

"This is an opportunity for operators to have a say in the direction Townsville Enterprise and the region's councils will take in the development of new tourism products and strategies."

"We'll be holding workshops in each of the local government areas we represent - Townsville, Charters Towers, Hinchinbrook and the Burdekin - and the findings will be collated, along with responses to a survey of operators in the region. These findings will be used to establish stronger partnerships and cooperation within the region."

Townsville Enterprise has appointed destination management specialists EC3 Global to carry out the consultation process and develop the strategy.

Workshops will be held at the following dates and times:

Townsville - 14 May, 10am, Rydges Southbank.

Magnetic Island - 15 May, 9am, Peppers Blue on Blue.

Ayr - 15 May, 10am, Burdekin Shire Council Chambers.

Charters Towers - 21 May, 9.30am, Excelsior Library.

Ingham - 22 May, 9.00am, Hinchinbrook Shire Council Chambers.

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Tell Tel what you think on Thursday
May 13th 2008
re 'Tell TEL...."
".....its aim is to foster relationships between local tourism organisations, regional councils, Townsville Enterprise and Tourism Queensland...."
What a lot of fluff attempting to disguise re-inventing the wheel!
A wheel, hub-capped TEL, which has absorbed tax/rate payer funds for years to do precisely what is now being breathlessly proposed.
Tourism Queensland might have been far better served to employ the 'consultants' directly and (in this local context) just employed TEL's mailing list.
Come to that, why not simply have Tourism Queensland conduct the workshops?
'Destination Management Consultants'? Leave off please!
Added to which is TEL?
Surely 2 unnecessary layers between those most directly concerned?
You'd have to be as blind as a welder's dog not to see some scope for reducing the multi-layering.
A layering that inevitably dilutes the initial input.
Or is it just about keeping the 'famils' gravy train rolling?

Margaret Moorhouse
May 15th 2008
I'm inclined to agree with Comment 1.

Another way for some to keep themselves employed and bolster each other's beliefs.

What about some real and relevant outcomes? Taking into account several climate-change/ sealevel-rise scenarios? - not just a search for quick-buck opportunities? how about an industry policy statement about ethical action for climate change?

Does "opportunities" include exploiting weaknesses, loopholes and gaps in environmental legislation and planning instruments?

What about looking ahead into FNQ 2025 Plan?

Tourism is not as benign an activity as we once thought. Will the industry set standards?

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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