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May 9th 2008
Notice of vehicle movements

Following is an important Public Notice from the Water Matters Alliance.

Notice of vehicle movements
wendy tubman
May 10th 2008
Spiffingly (or whiffingly) appropriate use by ThC Council of land that ToC Council deemed critical conservation habitat - and so close to one of the Island's few magnificent lagoons, too. Fiji's interim govt couldn't have done better.
David Donohue
May 12th 2008
Thanks for the rather cryptic note Wendy.

Perhaps in clarification it's useful for you to know that the work is being done within the confines of the existing plant - in essense a new gate and a small bunded area to allow commercial septage trucks to unload safely to that the contents of septic tanks can be safely and efficiently added to the MIWR to produce recycled water for reuse. If you would like more information, please contact me.

Not sure about the Fiji reference, I have never visited so can't comment.

Regards, David.

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