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May 7th 2008
Council backs return of National Powerboat Race

Townsville will again be a host city for a leg of the National Powerboat Racing Championships.

Townsville City Council's Corporate Governance Committee has approved a $20,000 sponsorship which will secure the high-profile event from June 21-26.

The race will be a free public event that will see more than 20 powerboats skip across Cleveland Bay at speeds up to 250km/h.

Committee Chair Cr Natalie Marr said the inaugural Townsville race last year had been a huge success, entertaining local fans with exciting racing and showcasing the city's beautiful Strand and bayside scenery on national TV.

"This is a fantastic adrenalin-charged event for Townsville that will have major economic spin-offs from visiting teams, fans and the profile it offers our city," Cr Marr said.

The sponsorship approval will go to the full meeting of Council on May 27 for formal adoption.

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Council backs return of National Powerboat Race
Chris C
May 7th 2008
Why ?
May 8th 2008
Why ? indeed.
Perhaps it is something to with pandering to the lowest common denominator - V8 with salt perhaps?
May 8th 2008
Well, it's seriously cheaper than V8s and when they go home you'd hardly know they've been.
May 8th 2008
What a mindlessly stupid thing to do. Sod climate change, the environment, natural beauty and anything else that's positive in the name of dropkick speed freaks with IQs less than the octane fuel they use. Meantimes, anyone anywhere near the water has to grin and bear it. Wow. And I thought this council might be an improvement on the last.
Dani C
May 9th 2008
Does anybody know whether an impact assessment was carried out on this? We're talking about high-speed powerboats in critical dugong and Australian snubfin dolphin habitat.
May 10th 2008
Unbelievable! They are allowing this 7 day event that will create noise, pollution and of course don't forget the major economic spin offs. So what! What about the Red Baron Sea plane. This popular tourist attraction is very close to being closed down thanks to a few short sighted island residents. This business value adds to every business on the island on a daily basis, there is very little noise or pollution associated with it. Certainly no more than the ferries, barge and jet skis. Do we ban them all. I don't think so. Stop victimising the sea plane owners. They are doing a fantastic job and we need more proactive operators like them on the island.

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