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May 7th 2008
Island Rotarians raise $3000 for new Coastguard vessel

The current primary rescue vessel According to (Townsville) Coastguard's Mr David Ede, the Chair of the New Vessel Fund raising Committee, "The Magnetic Island Rotary Club shows leadership and has recognised the service that the Australian Volunteer Coastguard provides to the Magnetic Island community," following Magnetic's Rotarians having raised $3000 towards the replacement vessel of the "Spirit of Rotary", the Townsville Coastguard's primary rescue vessel.

Mr Ede told Magnetic Times, "The Magnetic Island Rotary Club has generously committed to supporting the fund raising eforts for the new vessel. They have made an initial donation of $3000. The combined Rotary Clubs of Townsville have agreed to raise $100,000 towards the $500,000 needed to build a new rescue vessel."

"The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and it's 80 volunteers are very grateful that Magneic Island Rotary is supporting our cause again for the next generation rescue vessel which will serve the Community.

Coast Guard Volunteer Henry Harbutt receives the $3000 on behalf of the Cosatguard from Mr Patrick Collins, President the Rotary Club of Magnetic Island.

"The new vessel will be locally built, locally serviced and locally provisioned - Keeping the money raised in our community spent in our community.

"Rotary recognizes that the Coast Guard volunteers provide a rescue service for persons who get into difficulties on the open sea.

"The $3000 is very much appreciated and is a very generous donation given the size of the Magnetic Island Community."

The Spirit of Rotary was named due to the support from Rotary Clubs in the Townsville area in 2000. It is planned that the Spirit be replaced as the primary rescue vessel, with the new boat in 2009.

The Coast Guard has performed 229 medical evacuations from Magnetic Island and coastal areas since the Spirit of Rotary was launched in 2001.

The Coast Guard also bring police crews and ERGON personnel to the island when needed after hours.

The Coast Guard has rescued 2538 people, 928 vessels worth $92.8 million dollars as well as support over 30 different organizations in the Townsville area.

Anybody wishing to support the Coastguard with further donations or volunteer support can contact David Ede on 0429784819

Photos courtesy Australian Volunteer Coastguard

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Island Rotarians raise $3000 for new Coastguard vessel
May 8th 2008
Now why cannot the TCC re-direct its proposed Corporate Governance Committee $20k speed boat sponsorship decision be at least halved in favour of the Volunteer Coast Guard new vessel project?
After all, it may yet prove that the VCG is called upon when that event occurs.

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What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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