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April 29th 2008
EPA prepares for fire season on Magnetic Island

An EPA staff member begins a prescribed burn The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing for the coming fire season with burns planned for Magnetic Island National Park and adjacent State land.

EPA Ranger in Charge Patrick Centurino said rangers were inspecting fire access tracks around the island and talking to property owners to discuss preparations to the tracks along their boundaries.

"Over the next few months, rangers will be working to maintain and improve fire access tracks, with particular emphasis on preventing the spread of weeds," Mr Centurino said.

"A number of planned burns will be conducted between May and November, when weather conditions are suitable.

"Most of the prescribed burns this year will be located behind residential areas around the island.

"Our plan is to light low intensity fires off established fire access tracks that will burn into the national park to encourage the preservation and diversity of grassland and woodland vegetation types in these areas".

"The fires will also reduce the amount of fuel near residential areas which will help to protect life and property from potential wildfires during the summer months.

"Residents will be advised of imminent planned burns via local media," Mr Centurino said

For more information about any aspect of the burns planned for Magnetic Island National Park please call the Environmental Protection Agency on 4778 5378.

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EPA prepares for fire season on Magnetic Island
May 3rd 2008
The observed - and felt - residential experience of the past 18 years would suggest to me that, despite the oft quoted assurances and and blandishments from our friends in EPA, 'controlled burns' - here on MI - are anything but in the reality.
Furthermore, they have tended towards 'hot' burns.
Moreover, each successive series of 'controlled' burns has seen the entrenchment of the mono-culture - a reality at odds with the pre (white) biped era environment.
To the contrary, there is a wealth of evidence based data challenging the very tenets of this dated policy.
But I guess too many careers - both academic and bureaucratic - are at risk and so, like many of our more aberrant agricultural practices, this 'practice' seemingly will continue.
I know that education is and can be very expensive but try ignorance - especially when, in the light of emerging research and evidence, such ignorance is wilful.
Time for a moratorium of sorts to enable some reasoned discourse to prevail as distinct from the discursive.

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