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A young koala's beach adventure

April 28th 2008
Surrounded by Turtles

Turtles making more turtles near West Point Magnetic Times welcomes articles about Magnetic Island and our region from readers and, following, is a story by Townsville resident Pat Coleman who circumnavigated Magnetic Island last week in a canoe after paddling from Townsville - quite a feat indeed (Ed).

Surrounded by turtles

The day began at 4.20 am and with 2 chocolate bars, bait, water and half a pack of tobacco, I had all I needed for the day. I hooked up the canoe trailer to my trusty Malvern Star, put on the reflective vest, flicked on the lights and headed into town. As the sun rose I was on the water heading out into the bay in my battered old Canadian.

The idea was to paddle over to the "City of Adelaide" wreck on the western side of Magnetic Island at Cockle bay. About a month ago I had caught a tilapia at the wreck and thought it might be a good idea to try to catch another and get a photo.

Yesterday conditions were perfect, not a drop of wind, neap tides and crystal clear water. The trip usually takes over an hour to Picnic bay at a leisurely pace.

Surrounded by Turtles
anne goddard
April 29th 2008
Pat has been visiting the island in his dodgy old canoe for the last few weekends... he pops in for a drink and sometimes stays the night. A wild man with a gentle heart is Pat... :-)

Watching him paddle back in his trusty OLD canoe always makes me smile.

Give him a wave and watch your wake when he is near.
safe paddling Pat... :-)
and keep sharing your wonderful adventures with us!
Denise Colk
April 29th 2008
Thanks Pat for sharing such a wonderful experience.Memories of Maggie are even more precious at home here in cold old Melbourne.

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