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April 27th 2008
Is it that hard to keep Maggie clean?

What a nice entrance we have for our visitors here on our beautiful island.... I have noticed of late the discusting mess surrounding IGA and adjoining shops.

The cigarette butts and rubbish on the footpath and gardens around there is an absolute eye sore. Who is responsible for cleaning that up?

I would have thought that at the very least a little pride in your own business and surrounding area would come into play here and that is obviously absent of the business\'s in that complex.

Poor show for those too lazy to walk a couple of extra feet to make the bin, I doubt visitors are the only culprits in the littering game, after all there are some who live and work here that simply dont care.

Its up to all of us to keep our environment clean and beautiful so I think its time for all to clean up thier act, Keep Maggie clean!!!! Come on guys.... is it really that hard?


Is it that hard to keep Maggie clean?
Jacquline Reasons
November 1st 2008
Hi , Militta,
I have just read you Letter, I am visiting Magnetic Island in Dec ,coming all the way from South Wales UK.I will be disappointed ,to find on arriving, that kind of mess. I have been reading up about the Island, and it seems a very beautiful place. We are looking forward to our weeks holiday there. Will be staying with relatives in Townsville for the rest of our stay.
Best wishes J Reasons

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