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April 22nd 2008
Questions for Tel

Townsville Enterprise Ltd or Tel is Townsville's peak business promotional organisation but in the following letter, Townsville Greens' Jenny Stirling questions their role and the support it is given.

In that time we have seen projects such as Chalco, Canal Estate/ Liner Terminal, Bright Point (Magnetic Island), the Port Access Rd, heavy industry in the State Development Zone and V8 Supercars touted as being good for the future this city.

Questions for Tel
April 22nd 2008
In the spirit of today's appearance on WWE Raw by US Presidential candidates can I propose that Ms Stirling and Ms Schuntner settle this in the ring?
Chris C
April 22nd 2008
Way I hear it around town - there's heaps of tourist operators (including quite a few from MI)and a brand new council who are seriously questioning the performance of TEL !!
April 22nd 2008
Tourism operators heve been questioning TEL's performance for a few years now, which is why there are only a hand full of operators who are still members of TEL. Maybe if TEL were to listen to the regions tour operators rather than big business they may have some members.
April 23rd 2008
Fair crack of the whip Jenny Sitling!! Townsville's affordable housing crisis- a situation that TEL helped create and has done nothing at all to alleviate. What a load of rubbish. Why not blame TEL for gloabal warming as well!
John1 - not to be confused with John2
April 23rd 2008
Ms Stirling - I'm not sure TEL has ever actually promoted the residential development. They seem to be for the Ocean Terminal but not the associated housing proposal.
Jenny Stirling
April 24th 2008
I have taken TEL to task for not thinking about the social and environmental impacts of their actions. By the same token, I think we do them a disservice not to recognise that their intention was to stimulate the local economy. I assure you there is a connection between housing boom/ affordable housing crisis and push for Chalco, Canal estate, the Port Access Rd or heavy industry in general. Think about it and I am sure the penny will drop.
April 24th 2008
Good on you Jenny - where would we be without you alliteratively having "taken TEL to task"... I'm sure your words will stir the hornets nest into action.
Shaun Newman
April 25th 2008
TEL should be financed by the people it serves i.e. business. Surely projects like Chalco which have been rejected by most of the Townsville community and elements of the Bowen community should lead us to at least question TEL's agenda. For the greater good TEL should be incorporated into the Townsville Chamber of Commerce for funding purposes. If the V8's go ahead a permanent track should be built west of Townsville far enough out as to not bother ordinary residents and should be offset environmentally with 10,000 trees.
April 26th 2008
Shaun, Shaun, Shaun... I question your agenda. What do you have against Townsville's continued growth? I'm pretty sure TEL get funding from the business community - they certainly claim to be a membership based organisation. As far as council funding goes the region certainly should be marketed as a tourist destination to attract some outside investment (ie the tourist dollar) so that you whingers can earn your keep.

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