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April 18th 2008
The Mount Cook Summit: let's hear your ideas

This weekend 1000 selected Australians gather in Canberra to pitch their best and brightest ideas for Australia's future at the 2020 Summit. It is such an inspiring idea we thought we should have a little one of our own and, in honour of the island's tallest peak, we have decided to name it the Mount Cook Summit.

We know that there were local summits organised in early April around the country but, curiously, in Queensland at least, they only appear to have been organised by ALP politicians. As Peter Lindsay, our Liberal federal representative, doesn't appear to have taken up the challenge and, because we know that our readers are amongst the cleverest around, Magnetic Times has opened it's cyber doors to everybody who would like to present an idea.

But because we are proudly parochial we are more than happy to hear what you would like to see done here on Magnetic or in Townsville or in north Queensland or in Australia or the whole world. We don't mind so long as you don't mind having your comments commented upon by other readers.

So, if it's witty, whacky, small but perfectly formed or just pure, dead, brilliant and you want to tell the world, here is your big chance. Just take to the comments box below. Over to you readers!

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The Mount Cook Summit: let's hear your ideas
Peter Jackson
April 18th 2008
So it's a CYBER-summit. Drat! I have been looking forward to climbing Maggi's Mount Cook for so long I thought this might be a golden opportunity to go climb and party and solve the world's problems.
April 19th 2008
What better place to have a conference on the Island future. While I'm chatting about it, for those that wish to come, an assault on Mt Cook will be had in Early July. Some hardy explorers and I are heading for the top to contemplate the meaning of life. Anyone welcome.
As to ideas for the Island there are always the obvious.
Fix the "Beach" areas around the harbour.
Help Picnic Bay Mall achieve some status again.
Fix Mandalay Avenue/ Mandalay Creek for the wet season.
Fix the holes in Picnic Bay jetty timbers.
Glue the Sentinel back together.
Find a location for Paul and Leah to set up a new Sandbar Restaurant and convince them to do so.
Make Magnetic island the recycle, energy efficient, cleanest and most carbon neutral place in the world.
Delete all plastic Bags
you want more? We can all help.

Donald Simpson
April 19th 2008
Peter Jackson could try flying to the cyber-summit with the Google flight simulator; but landing there might be a bit tricky.
peter morrison-conway
April 22nd 2008
I would back my fellow tennor's wish list but have just one of my own. So many islanders "last wish" is to have their ashes scattered in the waters surounding this our island home, I would like to see the island artists come up with a magnetic idea how we can record that we lived here on Maggi. One thought is a sculpured tree with the leaves haveing a name, dates, where your ashes were scattered{in our memorial park at nelly bay}. Something to exercise your brain before climming Mt Cook !!!!!!
April 22nd 2008
mmmm...make the island into a republic and charge all visitors a visa fee....with the money raised we could create a navy and keep the developers away from the island...just kidding...i think the most important thing the island must not forget is WHY people like the island!

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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