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April 17th 2008
Picnic heart starts to beat

Theres a push to put some beat back into the heart of Picnic Bay and it's happening this Saturday night.

The beat will be supplied by Island musician and DJ Mark Hannan AKA DJ Dub M who is running his sound desk and disco light show out of the illustriously named, Antonio Moran's family Restaurant.

Mark is passionate about the music he has collected over 25 years. "Basically it is a collection of dance music from all over the world and over all ages. It's predominantly modern contemporary music with some classic tracks - some up to 50 years old."

Mark's collection of music is impressive and he says, "Some tracks I play like Cumbia music and classic Jamaican ska I've had for 25 years. There is also classic Goa Indian dance music as well as 70s Afro funk all mixed in with modern music such as South American, African, Carribean and Gypsy. It's the music of the Third World but with a big bent towards dance.

"It's amazing and nobody has really heard it. It's more danceable than much that is called dance music these days," Mark told Magnetic Times.

Mark is very keen to promote Moran's as a venue prepared to give DJs and bands a try. "It's a really wonderful environment with a full bar and it's great that a local business like Tony's (Moran) is prepared to support unusual music like this.

"In general there is very little entertainment on the Island and it is great that a restaurant is doing it because at the moment the pubs aren't," said Mark Hannan.

Picnic Bay has, economically, become the Cinderella Bay on Magnetic Island since the death of former Picnic Bay Pub owners and developers Bill and Lorraine Carnell whose Banyans developement was halted in construction as the pair became ill some years ago. But while the unfinished building site dominates the Mall the colour and, now, sounds eminating from Moran's at the northern end may be about to revive the lost vibrancy of this charming and picturesque location.

To be part of that revival in Picnic Bay the World Dance night starts at 9pm at Antonio Morans Family Restaurant and runs until 2am. Entry is free.

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Picnic heart starts to beat
sheila roach
April 24th 2008
Well done Tony!What a good idea.Hope it goes well and everyone has a good time.Wish I could be there!

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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