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April 8th 2008
New Council sworn in

Following their emphatic win at the Local Government election on March 15, eleven out of twelve of Mayor Les Tyrell's team, has been sworn in this morning. The other place was held by former Magnetic Island Councillor Jenny Hill.

Townsville's Council team would provide the right mix of experience and fresh ideas to meet the challenges of the new amalgamated city, Mayor Les Tyrell said today.

Cr Tyrell and 12 councillors were officially sworn-in this morning at the Townsville City Council's first public statutory meeting since the March 15 election.

During the meeting, Cr David Crisafulli was elected Deputy Mayor and six standing committees were appointed.

Councillors also voted to hold Council meetings at the former Thuringowa chambers on the fourth Tuesday of every month and committee meetings at the Townsville City Council administration building.

Cr Tyrell said Councillors were excited, but keen to put the formalities behind them and get on with the job in their new roles.

"This is an historic moment for local government in Townsville at a time when our city is one of the fastest growing regional centres in Australia," Cr Tyrell said.

"All councillors fully understand the need to work as a team to meet the major challenges that lay ahead of us as a result of amalgamation.

"The Council has made some significant decisions today, on day one of the new Council, that I believe will set a strong framework for the next four years.

"Our committees will provide a good mix of experience and enthusiasm with councillors who have years of service in local government and those who have been elected for the first time.

"Councillors have been appointed to committees where their skills, knowledge and experience are best suited.

"We have decided to initially use the same basic structure for standing committees and advisory committees that have been used in the past.

"But I have committed to carrying out a complete review of the committee system by December 31.

"With two major entities coming together we have to put a structure in place that we believe best meets the needs of the community."

The Council will have six standing committees. They and the Councillors on each of them are listed below.

Corporate Governance Committee
Chair: Cr Natalie Marr, Cr Deanne Bell, Cr David Crisafulli, Cr Ray Gartrell, Cr Jenny Hill, Cr Rob McCahill

Infrastructure Committee
Chair: Cr Brian Hewett, Cr Rob McCahill, Cr Jenny Hill, Cr Dale Last, Cr David Crisafulli, Deanne Bell.

Planning/Economic Development Committee
Chair: Cr David Crisafulli, Cr Ray Gartrell, Cr Brian Hewett, Cr Tony Parsons, Cr Jenny Lane, Cr Vern Veitch

Lifestyle/Community Development Committee
Chair: Cr Jenny Lane, Cr Sue Blom, Cr Tony Parsons, Cr Deanne Bell, Cr Dale Last, Cr Natalie Marr

Community Safety and Health
Chair: Cr Dale Last, Cr Natalie Marr, Cr Brian Hewett, Cr Sue Blom, Cr Jenny Lane, Cr Vern Veitch

Environment and Sustainable Development Committee
Chair: Cr Vern Veitch, Cr Sue Blom, Cr Rob McCahill, Cr Jenny Hill, Cr Tony Parsons, Cr Ray Gartrell

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New Council sworn in
Brian & Pauline Parkes
April 9th 2008
Good luck and welcome to the new council - here's hoping Magnetic Island's true potential will be realised and achieved under your leadership.

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