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April 7th 2008
Lisa's a bronzed Aussie

Lisa Nugent There were over 7,500 competitors last week at Scarborough in Western Australia for the Australian Surf Life Saving Titles but only one was from Magnetic Island.

She was, 37 year-old, Lisa Nugent of Picnic Bay who was representing the Arcadia Surf Life Savers and she came away with the Bronze Medal for the 35 -39 year-old Women's (Masters) Beach Flag's sprint event following a quick dash across the continent early last week.

For those not so familiar with life saving competitions, Lisa's event may seem a little odd. It starts with the competitor laying face down on the sand then, at the sound of the starter's gun, jumping up to turn 180 degrees then sprinting off to lunge for a flag in the sand some 20 metres away.

Lisa actually won the first and second heat - defeating the current world champion in the process - but due to "a bad turn" in the final missed out on the gold and silver.

It's her first season back in competition since having children and Lisa, who grew up on Magnetic until age nine, then returned 17 years ago, says, "I can't sit still - you die if you sit still." This is probably the necessary mind set to be viable at that level she performs at. To be competitive, Lisa trained for eight weeks. This involves a daily 7km run along the West Point track followed by a sprint up to Sails Rock - a steep climb above Picnic Bay.

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Lisa's a bronzed Aussie
April 8th 2008
You are a star Lisa! You are also to be commended on the amount of fundraising you do on the island for the kids. We need more people like you.
hamish & Ellisa
April 12th 2008
Congratulations Lisa.

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